Jan 16, 2011

Amazing Atlanta...

It was another amazing Atlanta trip and I always come back inspired with new design ideas 
and excited to design for new and current companies.
Our view from our hotel room...
Special mother/daughter/sister time...
Amazing dinners at Atlanta Fish Market, Bluepoint and Buckhead Diner this year!
They are all part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

and our awesome driver, Felix!
My sister lives in a small town and rarely gets to shop 
so she loves the market, especially the cash and carry jewelry!
 her new needlepoint cowgirl boots!
 a few treats for me, yea!

the Wellspring showroom with the Possibilities collection launch on 
Flip Notes, pencil pads, boxed notes, pill boxes and sticky blocks.
Love working with the great folks at Wellspring,
 and I was calm until they created a live video introducing the collection. 
they created these huge box displays showcasing the Flip Notes...
so colorful and bright!
 the Peking Handicraft Showroom featuring many of Trina Turk's latest colorful designs!
Here, I am with David from Coasterstone...
We're going to be doing more designs soon so stay tuned.

In the Tervis showroom celebrating their 65th birthday!
Here I am with PHIL-UP (Fill-Up) their new mascot
holding my Love the Earth tumbler!
I have 2 charm designs that launched with Manual...
and the Grace Bits and Christmas Bits were there too...
my sweet friend Kim in the Lifeguard Press showroom...
lunch with the very talented Megan Halsey
and we missed our mutual friend Sharyn so very much!
Lots of walking, lots of meetings, lots of fun!
So blessed to be a part of it all and full of gratitude for new opportunities. 
My head and heart are full too, and I am ready to create all that's inspired me from this fabulous trip.
Missed you all while I was away.
Have a blessed beginning of the week!


  1. You make me want to jump right back into it. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you until I too, am walking down those aisles with you :) Your work is phenomenal and I can't wait to see more. Candy for the eyes and inspiration for the soul. Mmmmmm, good!

  2. Thanks sweet Erica! Wish you could have joined me!


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