Jan 18, 2011

409 and Family Minute!

Have you ever heard about Family Minute?
My husband is the one who told me about the FAMILY MINUTE e-mails.
He subscribes to the ALL PRO DAD ones...
they have iMOM site too with all sorts of tips and encouraging topics.
The following is one of my favorites:

What does Formula 409 have to do with life?
The cleaning product, Formula 409 didn't get its name from the area code where it was developed. 
And it's not the birth date of the creator's daughter. 
Formula 409 got its name from perseverance. 
The two persistent scientists didn’t get the formula right on the 101st, 
or even the 401st try. 
Only when they created the 409th formula were they satisfied that they’d created the ultimate cleaner. 
Perseverance pays off in life.  
Haven’t found the right ingredients for a joyful marriage?  
Does your child want to quit the team?  
Is your job—or lack of one—bringing you down?  
Don’t give up or give in.  
Perseverance learned early will benefit your child for a lifetime, so here are 
10 Things to Consider Before Letting Your Children Quit

I have been told "no" many times and even remember early on 
when I was turned away for licensing opportunities.  
I think being told "no" makes us persevere even more and makes us stronger 
and more willing to give our best and succeed. 
There are so many lessons in failing too,
 and if we can see them as growth opportunities rather than failures 
then we'll be better for it. 
Any thoughts on this? 
Any personal stories of perseverance? 


  1. Love it!

    And here's a nice quote for you today. When the world shouts "give up", hope whispers, "try it once again.

    Wishing you joy today!

  2. This is great, I shared it with my patients today and I know it helped!


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