Nov 30, 2010

inspired by yellow!

it's brightness inspires me even on this gloomy, rainy day.
Although we're entering the season of red and green and glittering golds 
I find myself being inspired lately by the color yellow.
The golden yellows and even the mustard tones.
Here's a little yellow inspiration...
My sweet, talented friend and Surtex roommate, Sharyn,
gave me a tutorial on how to create this cute grid of color!

#1 my photo of a giant sunflower on Daniel Island, SC
#2 fabulous yellow bamboo wallpaper from
#3 recreated pair of side tables from All Things Thrifty
#4 snazzy yellow sandals on Amazon
#5 Golden Leaves are falling necklace on Etsy
#6 contemporary Suzani lumbar pillow on Etsy
#7 clever Sack Savers on Etsy
#8 canary blooms on Etsy
#9 Bee Happy! pitcher on Etsy

Nov 28, 2010

shooting thankfulness

I found myself "shooting thankfulness" through the camera lens the last few days.
Here are a few highlights of my happy clicks.
How gorgeous is this low country egret?
and this graceful plant down by the marsh...
not sure of the name (anybody know?)
and this fabulous pattern on the pumpkin...
and the pampas grass reaching toward the bluest sky one can imagine...
and this phenomenal golden yellow shrimp plant
(is this right, Mom?)
and I even clicked at the moment the dolphin jumped...can you see him?
and another one about to surface on the right?
and look what else I stumbled upon during my walk...
and the wonder and majesty of finding a piece crab claw...
and wearing a special shell necklace made with Pop.
Happy clicks, I tell you...
a few crabs and a fish fresh from the trap...
and our thankful tree,
which wouldn't come close to holding all the written thankfulnesses
so we passed a basket full of them and read them aloud after our feast.
very thankful indeed...
and if you want to see more of my recent Thanksgiving shootings
and happy clicks, visit  here.
I certainly hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
Let me know how you celebrated.

Nov 26, 2010

Mepkin Abbey Creche Festival

Today we went to the most amazing place. 
Mom and the girls and I took an adventure from here 
and met my sister and her mother-in-law at
Mepkin Abbey is a community of Roman Catholic monks established in 1949 on the site of the historic Mepkin Plantation located on the Cooper River, north of Charleston, South Carolina. Founded by the monks of Gethsemani in Kentucky, the brothers of Mepkin belong to the worldwide Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance popularly known as Trappist.
Mepkin Abbey is having their 8th annual Creche Festival 
and artists from all over have been commissioned 
to create unique nativity scenes from various materials. 
We took the self guided tour which began along a winding path among lush live oaks and saw 
interpretations of Christ's birth in such different forms...
some from carved wood, some ceramics, some made from found and recycled materials, 
some from fabrics, some from copper, horn, iron, metal, and more incredible things.
This one was created with cut materials from an old water tank, 
some concrete, gold and silver paint, 
 old door springs for the sheep's curly wool, 
and old light bulbs for the sheep's eyes.
This one made from copper with incredible detail...
After seeing several along the outside path, we found ourselves in the monk's library 
where the remaining 50+ creches were on display. The girls were fascinated and we were too.
Then we landed in the gift shop where we saw amazing pottery like this...
and found this wonderful nativity created from marbles 
which has come home to live with us and remind us of this special place and festival.
Then as we left, we drove through the gardens where they has a couple of chain saw sculptures carved in old trees and the detail was astounding....
If you are ever headed toward Charleston or Monck's Corner, SC between November 15th-28th, 
check the Mepkin Abbey schedule for this beautiful Creche Festival. 
It's located in the middle of nowhere but it's worth the trip!
If you'd like to see the entire photo set you can click here.
Thanks sweet sis for planning this!
What a wonderful way to prepare for the advent season!

Nov 23, 2010

defining thanksgiving

Can the word "thanksgiving" really be defined?

the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment ofbenefits or favors, esp. to God.
an expression of thanks, esp. to God.
a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.
a day set apart for giving thanks to God.
initial capital letter Thanksgiving Day.
Word Origin & History

1530s, "the giving of thanks," from thanks  (n.) + giving The noun thanks  is attested from mid-14c., from the verb thankIn the specific sense of "public celebration acknowledging divine favors" thanksgiving dates from 1632 (the first one in America was held October 1621 by Plymouth Colony Pilgrims in appreciation of assistance from members of the Massasoit tribe and celebration of the first harvest); though Thanksgiving Day itself is not attested until 1674.

Can the word "thanksgiving" really be defined?
No matter what you think of the definitions above,
this scripture below paints a beautiful description of thanksgiving.

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise;
give thanks to Him and praise His name."
Psalm 100:4

Thanksgiving blessings to all of you,

Nov 22, 2010

images of thankfulness...

Images of thankfulness...seem to be everywhere I look this week
and I feel an incredible level of thankfulness when I stare deep into the eyes of my children.
So innocent, so sweet (at least most of the time!)
The world is all so exciting and they just can't seem to wait to learn it and experience it all.
They proudly wear paper Indian vests and headdresses with feathers,
noodle necklaces strung carefully in patterns...
and they create nicknames like 
Dancing Flower...
oh, to be six again!
Hand made Thanksgiving Placemats from one cute Pilgrim girl...
Handprint turkeys with hearts in the palms...
because in her words "Turkeys have families too and they love each other."
and journaling about what they are thankful for...
And so now I will mention one of our family traditions...
Every Thanksgiving we have either strips of paper or di-cut paper leaves 
and each person writes various things they are thankful for. 
Then after the feast, we pass the basket and read them out loud one at a time. 
It has been amazing to hear them all over the years 
and the adults and children cannot wait for this special family tradition. 
Some make us laugh and many make us cry. But it's a good cry...
a cry from joy and gratitude and thankfulness!
Remember the Thankful Tree from last year?
You can read about how to make it HERE.
Make one with your kids this week...gather sticks from the yard and have fun putting it together. 
It makes a great centerpiece for the Thanksgiving celebration!
Wishing you all safe travels and blessings this Thanksgiving and always!

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