Oct 31, 2010

Halloween Highlights

Such a fun night with great weather!
Hope your family had a fun and safe Halloween.
Here are a few of our Halloween highlights...
pumpkin carving...

roasting pumpkin seeds...
I was asked to do some face painting for the army man...
and more face painting
for the cheerleader
and some make up and jewelry for the bride with very few teeth...
Guess who she called at work last week and asked to be her groom?
I was talked into dressing up too (Princess Leah from Star Wars)
but you'll have to search for those here
as they certainly did not make the Halloween highlights list.
We had a blast at our neighborhood Halloween party
and are so grateful to have such fun, sweet neighbors.
Plus, we had such a fun weekend with my in-laws...thank you Nan and Papa Joe!
Blessings to all you as you begin a new November!

Oct 27, 2010

Bits of Art Licensing News

I have a few wonderful bits of art licensing news to share! 
Do you remember HERE how kind you were to respond when I asked way back 
if you'd like to help with product development? 
Well, some of you participated and I gathered your ideas and mine 
and painted away and sent it all in to the company who manufactures and requested them.  
After patiently waiting, we just heard this week that 
will be purchasing both Teacher Bits and Mother Bits for their stores. 
Waiting to hear if this is for most or all of their stores...
Teacher Bits will roll out before the new school year 
and Mother Bits will launch before Mother's Day. 
Other retailers nationwide will be selling them too.
I am pretty thrilled about this, since I clearly remember when the good Lord gave me 
this small but clever idea to package sweet sentimental notes in cd tins. 
I researched unique packaging for months and this product has proven to be 
such a popular gift and personal purchase for so many age groups. 
I use them all of the time too!
Now Grace Bits and Christmas Bits are produced by the thousands and sold globally
...and Teacher Bits and Mother Bits are soon to follow. 
Thanks be to God is all I can say!
And thanks to many of you who sent in your favorite scripture, quotes, sayings and ideas.
I could not use them all and can't show you all the designs, but here's a peek.
The cover of the Teacher Bits:
some of the bits inside...

and here is the cover of Mother Bits:

So, please tell me what you think! 
What's your favorite from the ones shown?
Who will you give these to?
Comment away please!

Oct 26, 2010

Autumn Sunflowers!

Our wet weather provided a good opportunity for  this autumn sunflowers craft. 
I found it here and there are certainly many other neat ones to try but I just loved this happy one!
Here's how you begin...
Use a sturdy and deep paper plate (not the flimsy or styrofoam kind)
and paint any way you'd like.
All the colors of the rainbow if that makes your heart content!

I made a small petal template out of cardboard
and they traced many petals onto yellow construction paper.
Then they snipped away with scissors.
 Add some glue to the edges and attach the yellow petals....
overlapping is up to the artist. I gave no instruction at all
and it was so interesting to see their interpretations.
We even had a couple of friends over who wanted to join in...

then just when you are about done...
 you can add a few sunflower seeds to embellish your huge sunflower.
Aren't they as beautiful as the ones I saw on Daniel Island a few months ago?

Happy, sunny autumn day!

Oct 25, 2010

Wonder Woman and Real Perfection

Is it just me or is anyone else besides me willing to admit 
wanting to be Wonder Woman since childhood? 
My sister and I used to pretend to be her...we even had Wonder Woman Underoos 
(do you remember those???)
At one point I think we really believed we had her powers 
and could throw our headbands from our foreheads, deter the "bad guys,"and protect the world.
Linda Carter was amazing and she made her role as Wonder Woman look so flawless and so effortless.
She was busy saving the world and she seemed perfect in our young eyes.

Sometimes I still try to be Wonder Woman and of course I completely fail. 
That role is obviously unrealistic and yet many of us try to "do it all" 
and try to be the modern day, perfect wonder woman. 
We may not be saving the world from all the bad guys, but we're busy protecting our children, 
we're working in and out of the home, running children all over town, 
volunteering and saying yes to everything that comes our way. 
We want to do it all and do it all to perfection, but I am certain that is not what God wants for us. 
I realize as our kids are growing, I find more opportunities to admit my own failures to them
and believe me there are plenty.
It's not always easy, and I can't say I always do this or do a good job with my delivery, 
but these growth opportunities help them and help me. 
They see me as the parent being far from perfect and capable of many mistakes. 
It helps me too, see my own short comings and my own sin. 
Striving for perfection is unrealistic...because Jesus is the only true perfection. 
I am challenged by this struggle often and I bet you are too.
It makes me think of this recent devotion...
Psalm 119:96
 "Even perfection has its limits, but your commands have no limit."

Let's agree not to try to be Wonder Woman, for we know we'll fail.
Our human efforts will never be perfect, so we can rest assured 
knowing we are loved by God with all of our flaws and imperfections 
as we strive only to please and honor Him.

Oct 24, 2010

Soaking in...Sinking in...

It's starting to sink in, or soak in in this case, that so many great art licensing opportunities 
are occurring for Multiple Blessings. 
I am grateful, as I have mentioned before 
and although it has taken an awful lot of work and dedication 
to land these great projects, 
I want to remain humble and thankful for each and every one.
Soaking in this weekend, was the launch of my 
Inspirational Garden stone coasters for 
You can see them here!
Some of you ordered these from me recently and they should be arriving this week, 
but if you live far away and want to order some you can now do that on their website. 
These would make great gifts and they work so well, soaking up all the condensation from your glass!

Other licensing news...
these two collections have been selected and will be produced by
Robert Kaufman Fabrics...
they'll be out in July 2011.
Other fabric collections will follow after these two novelty prints.
Do you like these cheery colors?
What would you make using these prints?

Did you get a chance to stop by FABO this weekend? 
I took the girls for some sweet treats this afternoon 
(yummy sweets and sips!)
and we were captured by camera 
and mentioned on Facebook here.
Thanks Gwen!
Stop by this week and check out the gorgeous art and delicious yummies!
Have a wonderful start to your week!

Oct 21, 2010

My originals at FABO!

Thrilled to announce that some of my original pieces of art...
new collages and new paintings will be for sale at 

FABO stands for...

and this is the brainchild of 
Amy Aussieker.

 It's a brand spankin' new coffee bar with yummy desserts
and amazing art from 50 local artists.
(jewelry, pottery, textiles, and paintings)
It's located in Myers Park right across from Nolen Kitchen and Yoforia!
2820 Selwyn Avenue
Suite 180
in the Tranquil Court Building

 Here are a few sneak peeks of my originals for sale at the grand opening!
modern blooms

aqua peace
16” circle
scatter inspiration
16” circle
you are free to fly
mixed media on brown

you are free to fly
mixed media on chartreuse
floral possibilities
Peaceful Owl
fruit of the spirit pear
chocolate autumn
there's gorgeous pottery too... 
and the most beautiful custom designed chairs that I want sooooo badly!
Amy had a lady make them for the store and one is for sale!

Comfy and beautiful!
It's sleek and clean and full of artistic flair!
 The VIP event happened tonight but they are still busy setting up for the big grand opening!
Come on out this weekend for the GRAND OPENING!
Saturday, October 23rd
9-11am  Edible Art's muffins, scones, and biscotti & FABO's coffee bar
2-4pm  Helen's chocolate chip cookies
Dee Dee's cheese straws
FABO-chinos, lemonade and tea
Sunday, October 24th
Tizzerts cupcakes, brownies and pound cake
Yum! Yum!

P.S. Thank you for all of your sweet messages and prayers for Elizabeth's family!
Today's service was an amazing celebration of her life.
She will be missed by so many.
Although we mourn, we are comforted because
heaven is certainly rejoicing!
Have a beautiful weekend and remember what Elizabeth always said, "Each day IS a gift!!"

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