Jun 29, 2010

Happy BLOGIVERSARY give-away!

ONE YEAR of blogging as of June 30th!  
Do you remember my very first post?
It's been a fun journey so far 
and a great place for me to interact with folks who follow my design work. 
It's also been a place to journal about my family, my faith 
and God's goodness in every day happenings.
I have met so many new friends from creating this blog. 
My favorite part is when I hear from you, my sweet readers! 
Ok, are you ready for some fun?
I have not one,
not two,
not three,  
but four giveaways!
Winner #1 will receive one of my latest licensed products...
a "Love the Earth Tervis tumbler with a blue lid!
(a $15 value)
Winner #2 will receive this trio set of Happeez clips I designed for Mayfair Lane!
You'll absolutely love them...They stick to stainless steel and more!
(a $15 value)
 Winner #3 will receive this embroidered linen guest towel I designed for Peking Handicraft, Inc.
A great addition to your powder room or a great girlfriend gift! 
(a $15 value) 
Winner #4 will receive this original torn paper collage created by hand by me
(a $125 value) 
The canvas measures as a 16" circle and is painted chocolate brown. 
The torn paper is paper I designed when I manufacturerd Multiple Blessings' stationery...
The flower has the following verse in the center:
In order to be in the running for the BLOGIVERSARY prizes
you all have to do a tiny bit of work for me.
I want to grow my "subscriber list"
and I want more of you to comment in the blog comment area.
How can you help and how can you win?
 A. Create a Google account- folks, this is easy, I promise!
Just go to google.com and click "Create an Account."
This just allows you the ability to leave comments. It's safe and secure and easy.
If you have any problems, read this for help! 
OR you can do this: 
Under each of my posts is a pencil icon and just to the left of that it will say 0 comments. 
Click there and you should be already signed in with Google to leave a comment 
or you will then sign in with your username and password 
and you can leave a comment.
Easy breezy! 
 The person who comments 
ON THE BLOG (not by e-mail) 
the most 
between now and July 8th (5pm EST) 
will be the WINNER for gift #4,
the original collage!
B. E-mail and call your friends and family. 
Tell them about Designing for the Soul and let them know if you are enjoying it. 
Tell them to become a subscriber 
by clicking the upper right icon on my blog which looks like this...
Then, YOU E-mail me or let me know by commenting on the blog
HOW MANY PEOPLE you told to subscribe. 
if you tell 1-15 people, your name will be entered TWICE to win.

if you tell 16-24 people, your name will be entered FIVE TIMES to win.

if you tell 25 or more people, your name will be entered TEN to win.
 3 winners will be selected from this category!
 I'll even make it easy for you...
just copy and paste this message (see below) into your 
into your e-mail and tell them to read about our contest here.
The new readers can participate too!
Hi! Just wanted to let you know about a blog I enjoy called
She's having a one year blog anniversary give-away
and 4 great prizes are available!
Click HERE or visit 
to check out the details!

Big love to you for reading and following Designing for the Soul!

Jun 28, 2010

Swagger Wagon

For all you other minivan drivers out there like moi, 
you have got to check out these hysterical videos about 
the Swagger Waggon!
I actually love my minivan! 
It fits all my kids, their friends, all their sports equipment, 
and fun furniture and accessories I find when I'm antique shopping. 
(of course not all at the same time!)
For more Swagger Wagon videos, click here!

Jun 27, 2010

Nature's best between NC & SC

Backtracking a bit to Mother's Day...
We spent the entire day with family in Fort Mill at the
Ann Springs Close Greenway
It is truly a slice of heaven between Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC. 
I grew up in Fort Mill, so it's especially fun for me to be back there with my own children.
Here's a bit of the history.
I just had to share some of the beauty there and some of what we enjoyed.
Then we went HERE
to have have some of these...
oh yeah, and strawberry ice cream made right on the spot. 
If you want to see all the pictures from our excursion, click here.
And if you are near the area, you'll have to check it out yourself!

Jun 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 16th anniversary! 
I love you more than I did 16 years ago, and I loved you so much then!


Jun 23, 2010


Introducing my new best friend, Mrs. Dash. She's salt free and my new favorite seasoning these days.
I'm dieting and exercising like a mad woman 
trying to be super fit by the big 40 this year.
Speaking of zest...wondering if you read this week's Proverbs 31 devotion...

In Search of a Zesty Life

23 Jun 2010

"Who out there has a zest for life? Can't wait each day to come upon beauty." Psalm 34: 12 (MSG)

How's your day going so far?

I wonder if the weather where you are is pretty or if you woke to clouds and felt a little blue. I wonder if your family, friends, co-workers or boss have aggravated you today. Has it dulled your mood? Are you mulling over an unpleasant interaction, dreading a task, or maybe griping about some aspect of your life this morning?

I recently read that 80% of working Americans have no passion for their work. Do you find passion or beauty in your work? Be it an office job, a self-employed business, or the business of changing diapers and sweeping up Cheerios; are you reasonably happy as you go about your work? Could you be? What would it take?

What about the people in your life – your family, friends, church members, neighbors – have you enjoyed their company today? Or recently? Have you loved the ones you're with?

I wonder too, have you noticed any beauty today? Have you looked for it? Have you even looked up?

God is in the beauty making business. Just glance outside and see what I mean. Even if it's cloudy or rainy, there is beauty to be seen. And felt. And experienced. When did you last take a walk outdoors, maybe through a park or down a shady trail just to enjoy the surroundings? Just to breathe the air.

We see God's beauty most clearly in creation but you can also see it in the way a mother cradles her baby, or the way a woman looks adoringly at her fiancé, or the way a child splashes joyously through puddles in his rain boots.

You can hear it too, in the sound of birds, the sweet whisper of "I love you," or the sound of a choir joining voic es in praise. Have you heard it today?

Throughout the Bible, especially the Psalms, I see a link between joy and worshipping God. I see commands to be joyful, to rejoice, to bless and be blessed. I believe the Bible calls us to cultivate a joyful, "zesty life" that looks for His beauty daily and thanks Him for it. "Who out there has a zest for life? Can't wait each day to come upon beauty?" (Psalm 34:12, MSG).

Did you wake this morning with an expectation of encountering something of the splendor of God? Did you swing your feet out of bed anticipating enjoying the God-ordained beauty in your day? Are you cultivating a zesty life, or drudging through your days, ticking off your to-dos, oblivious?

If you've been less than zesty, or even oblivious, it's not too late. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart today to see and savor Him, in the miraculous and in the mundane.
Dear Lord, thank You for the beauty You surround each of us with daily. The greens of grass and trees, the reds of tomatoes and strawberries, the smell of the air after a rain. God You are magnificent in Your beauty and goodness! And You're gracious in Your blessings. Open my eyes to notice them. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Have a zesty day!

Jun 22, 2010

Little Nummies!

Ok, crazy story...I had to go into Apple for an appointment recently 
and the "Genius" who helped me and I were chatting 
about why I had over 24,000 photos on my computer 
and why I have several hundred art images on my computer. 
"I have 4 kids and I am an artist," I said.
Hmmm, wonder why my computer is working slowly these days?
Chatted about the website and blog and he mentioned his wife had a blog 
called Little Nummies
so naturally I asked and he told me she makes the cutest kids food...
"You'll have to check out her blog to see," he said. 

You have got to see these cute ideas! 
Any kid would eat their veggies and fruit if presented this way!
This is art...it's just edible art!
Kellie...you are sooooo talented!

Every month she has chooses a theme. This month is a beach theme...

She's a contributing blogger for Snack Picks so head over to read
One month she made farm animals. How amazingly cute is this???
and this...
banana pancakes anyone?
jelly bean bracelets for the kids! 
How about tying summer reading into a fun time 
and snack time with healthy food?
darling and delicious!
And you  cannot even believe she made this roller coaster out of pretzels!
I have got to get William to look into this contest for next year!
Kellie, thanks for letting me post about your creative food!
Great ideas!
Head on over to Little Nummies and check out more!

Jun 21, 2010

Love the Earth is here!

Well, my little design didn't make it to the headlines for the launch...hard to compete with the Disney product launch, but I am still thrilled beyond belief to be designing for Tervis and to be in the company of a Disney launch!
You can find my Love the Earth design HERE and found out recently it comes with a blue lid! You'll love the lids if you don't already have one for your Tervis! Great for morning coffee or afternoon iced tea!
Thank you for your excitement and kind words once again and I will let you know when I hear if Bed Bath and Beyond pick it up...they buy regionally, so I will keep you posted as I hear.
For now, at least, you can head over HERE to shop!
Blessings on your day,

Jun 19, 2010


Happy Father's Day!
Hopefully every day we show you how much we love you,
but here are a few reminders...
Thank you for getting messy with me 
and for digging holes to China for me at the beach!
Thank you for making me feel like "Super Girl" 
and for giving me real wings to fly!
Thank you for taking the initiative to register us for the GBS road race each year
and letting us run together (even though I beat you!)
It was so much fun!
Thank you for taking our entire family to Pinehurst after Christmas 
for me to play in this awesome golf tournament. 
It was a great experience and I want to go back again!
How about tomorrow?

And even though this next shot was 5 years ago 
of both grandfathers holding our then 1 year old girls, 
I love, love, love this picture and seeing them together.
Seems like yesterday...
Thank you for the incredible role models you have been to us and our children.
We are all so blessed to have you in our lives!
Big love to all the fathers and grandfathers out there
who paved the way and continue to believe in us!
You are loved!

Jun 16, 2010

Another eye for design!

Speaking of design, if you are in Charlotte and are looking for a gal with a keen eye for design and fabulous style, you must meet my friend Katie. I am enamored with her gorgeous website and especially her words here:

I come from a family of artistic souls. As the daughter of an interior designer, I learned at an early age the profound effect space and surroundings can have on your thoughts, your moods, your life. I see creativity as a God-given gift – one that flowed from my grandmother, Mamie, in nearly every aspect of her life. Her paintings, drawings and handmade furnishings had such a strong influence on me. I’m honored to be part of a legacy that embraces the imaginative spirit and creates beauty for the enjoyment of others – this is what I truly love doing.

I love that she sees her talent as a gift from God. It certainly is...and she makes sure to keep that her focus. Right now I am telling myself repeatedly, "Thou shall not covet this gorgeous kitchen!"
Katie has completed extensive training in architectural interior design as well. Help, Katie! We have 4 kids on top of each other over here...our home could use your amazing talent!
I am convinced Eddie Ross would be impressed! Please pop over to Katie's beautiful website and remember her if you or folks you know should need her services. In addition to all this talent, she's as sweet as can be!

Jun 15, 2010

Design expert!

If you are not familiar with design expert Eddie Ross
you'll want to hop, skip and jump right over to his site. 
He has a keen sense of design, and what I love most 
is that he shares his fabulous ideas and great finds 
from thrift shops, Good Will and even the Dollar Store
then tells us how to find things there that can help us throw an incredible event 
which looks like we spared no expense! 
Just look at the places he found all the things for this event...amazing! 
Would you believe me if I told you most of these finds on the table below 
were from garage sales, flea markets, and Good Will? 
And the napkins rings made from earrings from Target!
You can read about how he put it all together HERE!
The pink chairs were rentals but I love, love, love them!
The entire color scheme above reminds me of my latest collection called Raspberry Sorbet. 
Eddie is known for fabulous finds and loves the "thrill of the hunt" for that great bargain. 
to find great garage sales near you, wherever you might live. 
And if you have an iphone, there's now an app for this! 
I can identify with Eddie. 
I love flea markets, and thrift shops too! 
I don't frequent those places much anymore 
because there's not another spot in our home for another accessory. 
You may not know this, but I actually had a booth in an antique mall years ago. 
My friend and I did that together and enjoyed it so much. 
And when I was in NY in May at Surtex, Eddie and Jaithan came by to visit with Sharyn
Here are some great shots of them after she gave them some paper cutting lessons!

They obviously had fun!
If you need to plan an event anytime this summer, 
Eddie Ross will be a great resource for you with categories like 
Decorating, Food, Entertaining, and Flowers. 

He also has an Etsy shop here where he sells unique pieces from his travels and every piece is under $100!

Here's to 
fun and frugal decorating and entertaining! 


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