Dec 20, 2010

Your presence, not presents!

My sweet friend and DESIGNING FOR THE SOUL reader, Coleman 
sent this precious nativity idea to me. She makes this with her kids. 
I had to ask her some specifics though and she kindly answered.
Graham Crackers
White Icing
Shredded Wheat (crumbles to resemble hay and one whole one for Jesus' manger)
Animal Crackers for the camels and sheep
Peanut as Baby Jesus
and the gummies are Haribo Gummies (cola gummies)
I found it here but have never seen them before.
Who knew cola gummies would really resemble Mary and Joseph?
Thank you Coleman, for sharing this with us!

Should have shared this earlier with my sister!
You'll have to read her rendition of trying to repeat what I posted about HERE.
For those of you who know my sister, you will love this!
Look at the pictures first... 
my two cute nephews Elliott (7) and Chappell (4)
working on it!
the visiting friend...
notice the hands, oh my!
nice job, Chappell!

This is the hilarious rendition from my sister:

Well, this is gingerbread house making at my house (all boys!)

Step One: Get a switch, a belt or a gun.
Step Two: Pour yourself a glass of wine or champagne (as you can see, I chose the latter in pic #1).
Step Three: Secure a pair of earplugs to block out questions like "What am I supposed to do with this?" "Can you help me spread this yogurt?" "Can we eat ALL of this candy?!!" "Can I have some milk with these crackers?" "Why aren't there any M n M's?"
Step Four: Make the house for your 4 year old because he says "Mommy, I caaayyyyaaanntt(can't)!!"
Step Five: Watch your breakfast room transform into a war zone.
Step Six: Pour more wine or champagne for yourself.
Step Seven: Get out the vacuum (or Shop Vac if results are serious).
Step Eight: Once the boys abruptly haul ___ out of nowhere to play football, abandoning the gingerbread house-making project halfway through (that they didn't even know they had started), then you may begin cleaning the rug, wiping the table repeatedly with little to no results, mopping the floor and putting all the sticky candy with saliva on it back in the bags to put in their stockings in 2 weeks.
Step Nine: Pour another glass of wine get the M n M's you hid from them because you decided once you got home you'd rather them be for you, and sit down and wonder what the hell just happened!!!
Step Ten: Dream of living closer to your sister since she can handle events like this much better!
Love ya!

Whatever you create this year with your kids is great...
no matter the mess or the chaos. 
What they'll remember is that their mom took the time to be with them.
Your gift is your presence!


  1. That just made my night!!!! First the coke gummies... never knew they existed and yes, they do resemble Mary and Joseph. A wonderful and creative way to show that wonderful night so long ago. I love it!!! And Aleene's comments and pics (it looked like Douglas years ago (won't say how many 'cause that would show my age also)). I love the "person" gingerbread house! Chappell is so proud in that picture. I agree - her sister is amazing!

  2. I am just seeing this. This is so sweet. I love Baby Jesus on the shredded wheat! I am saving this one for next year. Merry Christmas, sweet Caroline. xo


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