Dec 17, 2010

photography & coffee

Great gift idea...
for those who love photography & coffee
(that would be me!)
You can order a Cannon or Nikon lens coffee mug HERE!

I have to admit I ordered one for a friend
one for my husband to give me for Christmas!
I know, can you believe I did that?
Little did I know he would surprise me with an early Christmas present today!
Soon I'll be able to sip from a lens and shoot pictures through this lens.
For all you who love photography or know folks who do, this mug is a great gift!
And the camera is of course a fabulous gift too! 
We have captured many treasured memories and it's worth every penny!
Have a glorious weekend!


  1. Lucky you for such a great Christmas present. I love the coffee mug....when I first saw it I couldn't figure out why someone would pour coffee over a camera lens when I realized the coffee wasn't spiling over the lens!!!

  2. You will love it. I love mine and oh my word, what a FUN mug! Nikons are the very best. What a perfect gift mug and what an amazingly cool Christmas present. Tell David I think he is a terrific shopper and a romantic planner. Yay for him!

  3. What!?! First I have seen this. Interesting. xo

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! Really neat coffee mug, right?
    Merry Christmas to you all!


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