Oct 31, 2010

Halloween Highlights

Such a fun night with great weather!
Hope your family had a fun and safe Halloween.
Here are a few of our Halloween highlights...
pumpkin carving...

roasting pumpkin seeds...
I was asked to do some face painting for the army man...
and more face painting
for the cheerleader
and some make up and jewelry for the bride with very few teeth...
Guess who she called at work last week and asked to be her groom?
I was talked into dressing up too (Princess Leah from Star Wars)
but you'll have to search for those here
as they certainly did not make the Halloween highlights list.
We had a blast at our neighborhood Halloween party
and are so grateful to have such fun, sweet neighbors.
Plus, we had such a fun weekend with my in-laws...thank you Nan and Papa Joe!
Blessings to all you as you begin a new November!

1 comment:

  1. Love all the costumes. Did you see what my boys were for Halloween, it's on FB. xo


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