Oct 27, 2010

Bits of Art Licensing News

I have a few wonderful bits of art licensing news to share! 
Do you remember HERE how kind you were to respond when I asked way back 
if you'd like to help with product development? 
Well, some of you participated and I gathered your ideas and mine 
and painted away and sent it all in to the company who manufactures and requested them.  
After patiently waiting, we just heard this week that 
will be purchasing both Teacher Bits and Mother Bits for their stores. 
Waiting to hear if this is for most or all of their stores...
Teacher Bits will roll out before the new school year 
and Mother Bits will launch before Mother's Day. 
Other retailers nationwide will be selling them too.
I am pretty thrilled about this, since I clearly remember when the good Lord gave me 
this small but clever idea to package sweet sentimental notes in cd tins. 
I researched unique packaging for months and this product has proven to be 
such a popular gift and personal purchase for so many age groups. 
I use them all of the time too!
Now Grace Bits and Christmas Bits are produced by the thousands and sold globally
...and Teacher Bits and Mother Bits are soon to follow. 
Thanks be to God is all I can say!
And thanks to many of you who sent in your favorite scripture, quotes, sayings and ideas.
I could not use them all and can't show you all the designs, but here's a peek.
The cover of the Teacher Bits:
some of the bits inside...

and here is the cover of Mother Bits:

So, please tell me what you think! 
What's your favorite from the ones shown?
Who will you give these to?
Comment away please!


  1. I love them! They are wonderful!!! I think my favorite (it was hard to pick one) is the butterfly with Maureen Hawkins' quote.
    I cannot wait to see them all.
    Have a blessed day!!!

  2. Caroline, this are great. How precious they all are. Too hard to choose but I think the puppy with Luke 6:31 has to be one of my favorite. Congrats.

  3. Thanks sweet ladies for your comments!!!

  4. I love them all.....so sweet.


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