Sep 22, 2010

Miracles DO happen!

Don't ever doubt miracles...they DO happen and one did tonight.
My friend Stella's husband, Rich, has a heart condition 
and luckily has a defibrillator connected to him at all times now. 
Rich was driving on the interstate today at 4:45pm in rush hour traffic 
and was on the phone with Stella using his bluetooth. 
While driving at least 60 miles an hour he blacked out for 10 full seconds. 
She heard silence then his moaning and then finally cries for help. 
Can you even imagine what she was thinking and feeling 
with one of her daughters standing by her side while she was on the phone?
The entire ordeal was 23 seconds.
The doctors are downloading the data from the defibrillator
but already know he was unconscious and was near death.
If that's not a miracle enough...
Here's more to the miracle...
When he came to, his car was perfectly parallel parked on the left hand side of the interstate 
one inch from the guard rail. 
Yes, in park. 
Yes, not one scratch on the car. 
Yes, cars in rush hour traffic zooming by 
not even aware of this miracle or that he was in the car. 
A miracle that he did not hit or kill anyone else. 
A miracle that no one else hit or killed him. 
A miracle that somehow, no not somehow... (GOD) parked his car PERFECTLY 
in rush hour traffic so close to the guard rail 
that he could not even open the door when he realized what had happened. 
A miracle that he was checked from head to toe at the hospital tonight 
and that he is home kissing his children goodnight, showering,
and going to bed with his amazing and loving wife. 
A miracle that he completely KNOWS this is a witness to God's divine intervention. 
It is with gratitude to Stella and Rich that they allowed me to share this story;
not a story at all...
And I ask you to pray for them as they await test results 
to see if any of their children may have this same heart condition.
"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted."
Job 5:9



  1. Thank you for your words. It truly was a miracle and I feel very loved and blessed. I am actually quite overwhelmed!
    This morning when he pressed snooze to sleep in, I wasn't jealous... I was grateful that he was able to snooze!
    Love to you! Stella

  2. This is beyond words...a true miracle! and bless you for sharing, so that I may start my day with proper gratitude and praise. Praise Him!!

  3. Ahhhh that is so wonderful and a truly heart filled passage of faith to read. Thanks for sharing your revalation of this yes true miracle with us! All I could do after reading it myself is sit in silence and give thanks!
    I pray for healing and understanding. A wisdom to advise and move on behalf of Rich and the children. Because "Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting, get understanding. Prov 4:7
    God Bless You Stella for your continuous strength. - cousin, G.Q.


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