Sep 23, 2010

Cookies for Cancer-Please Vote!

Please vote for Cookies for Cancer today if you can and every day until Sept 29th! 
Read more and you'll learn how...
  Many of you who are in Charlotte know sweet Amy Christenbury 
and her son, Grier, who has neuroblastphoma. 
  He was diagnosed with stage IV at 2 1/2 years old. 
He is in Sarah Grace's class this year at school! 
This is Grier on his first day of Kindergarten!
You can learn more about precious Grier at  his website 
This month is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and Cookies for Kid’s Cancer is in the running for $20,000, to be put towards research.
Cookies for Cancer is tied at the moment and there's only have a week left.
So, each morning as we put our healthy children on the bus, or take them to school, knowing we don’t have to split our day between chemo and kindergarten, let’s go to our computers and vote at: 
Cookies for kid’s Cancer. 
It’s the Jimmie Johnson Foundation: Samsungs Helmets for Hope.
  Please forward to some of your favorite moms and ask them to do the same.
Every day for a's so easy!
Thank you for helping sweet Grier and so many other children!
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  1. Thank you! We're literally neck and neck for the lead so every vote counts.

    Friends of Amy and Grier, Liam's Mommy and Founder of Cookies for Kids' Cancer

  2. Yea Gretchen! How did you hear about my post? We love what you've done with Cookies for Cancer and you are such an inspiration to so many. Thank you for taking the time to pop over and comment! Blessings and prayers to your family and to Liam!


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