Aug 18, 2010

Your chance to help with product development...

I love product development and am honored and thrilled a few companies I design for have chosen to produce products I have created from scratch...from an initial idea to final packaging. 
It's a fun process to me and I love thinking "outside of the box"...
I love to design and create products which are different... unique...make a great gift...
send an inspirational message....and make people feel joyful.
Grace Bits is one of those products. 
They are being produced now and are being sold worldwide, along with Christmas Bits. 
By the way, I have a few in the studio if you need a quick "pick up" gift.
But here is your chance to work on product development with me if you are interested. 
The concept of Grace Bits has been so well received, 
that I have been asked to design Teacher Bits and Mother Bits 
which will likely launch next May and fall in big chain store which I can't reveal yet.
If you are a long time follower and fan of Multiple Blessings, 
you know what Grace Bits are, but for those who may just be joining the fun, 
here is a brief description:
It's a cd tin filled with a variety of loose inspirational note sheets. 
They are great to keep in your purse or in your car. 
I keep one in both places.
They make a great gift and can also sit on a desk with the top tin off and placed underneath 
so you can easily grab a sheet to jot a note. 
Young to old love these little "bits" of inspiration.
They make great stocking stuffers, get well gifts, birthday, friendship, miss you, thank you, etc!
Each note sheet has a small design and a short inspirational message to match it.
So here's your assignment: 
be thinking about what designs and text you see for Teacher Bits and for Mother Bits. 
Send your suggestions to the comment box below or to my e-mail if you have it. 
I would love to hear from you!
For all those who participate, your name will be entered to win one of my licensed products. 
So put your thinking caps on and let me know your fabulous ideas soon! 
Just because I am a mother of four and a former First Grade teacher 
doesn't mean I am closed to your wonderful ideas...
after all, you are the consumer!
Send them on and thanks for participating!


  1. Caroline...hmmm, I am going to have to put my thinking cap on. Thanks for including us in this process. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. blessings to you and yours.

  2. I'll be thinking also! I use Grace bits and have given them as gifts! Love, love, love em! xo

  3. Thanks ladies! Have received several e-mails with GREAT suggestions so far! Keep them coming!


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