Aug 3, 2010

Wellspring of possibilities...

The ball was still rolling while I was away on vacation (the design world doesn't stop, you know)
but I tried to keep work to a minimum and focus on family time and fun, fun, fun...
which I can say I did happily and successfully!
Happy to report one of the many new licensing deals in the works. 
I am thrilled to announce that I am partnering with Wellspring
to create some fabulous products which will launch in January! 
They are a wonderful family-owned company and they have a great story.
 Great folks to work with too which makes it even better.
In January you will see this collection called the Possibilities Collection on several of their products:
Flip Notes 
compact mirrors 

a block of sticky notes 

note cards, pens, list pads, and more! 

Plus a pillow case (still working on the format and unique packaging!)

So it's a Wellspring of Possibilities so to speak!
 You may remember too, that these will also be coming out in January from Manual. 
When final paperwork is done, I have more to share...
Thanks for following along!
I love hearing from you and appreciate your support. 
What's your favorite product pictured?
Let me know...


  1. Congratulations, Caroline! Good for you!!

  2. Go Caroline Go!! Love all this great news and love all the designs.....I think my favorite is "Scatter Joy"...but they are ALL great! May we all try to do what all 4 messages and everyday!

  3. Thanks ladies! They are fun products for sure!
    Kelly...would love to say hi sometime but don't know your or e-mail me sometime. Would love to hear how you are. And if you see Ashley Stewart, please send her my best! Hope your family is having a great summer!


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