Aug 9, 2010

Soaking in...

It's hard to believe how many opportunities have come from exhibiting at Surtex
As mentioned recently, I continue to marvel at it all, and am extremely grateful. 
I also want to remember why this is happening. 
Yes, certainly there has been a ton of hard work and effort on my part, 
and encouragement and support from my family and friends. 
But NONE of it would be happening if He had not given me the talent in the first place. 
I try to remain humble and thankful for this gift each day. 
Someone told me a while back, to remember that these products are blank without the art.
We are products designed by God too. 
He took incredible care to create each of us so differently. 
So thanks for coming along for the ride with me as it all starts to soak in.  
Speaking of soaking in, I am thrilled to announce another wonderful partnership 
with Hindostone/Coasterstone out of Indiana. 
They chose a black and white inspirational collection 
which will be stone coasters, trivets, and car coasters. 
These will launch October 1st.

You may end up seeing these sold in gift shops around the US, 
but you will also be able to order your own sets directly from their website. 
Mark your calendar so you can add these to your Christmas shopping list!
They are a wonderful company and make great products 
so I am thrilled to be partnering with them.
These stone coasters soak up all the liquid your drinks may produce...
and they really work!
We have a set or two here that we've had for years 
and so it's extra neat to be able to work with them now.
Let me know what you think!
Who would you give them to?


  1. Just lovely Caroline...thank you for sharing, especially about His magnificent grace in all our lives.

  2. Hi Caroline, Fun to see you blossoming like you are! Next Surtex will be even better (though that's hard to imagine, isn't it?) I think the thing I like best about you is the way you let your faith shine through. Exciting to see how things are taking off for you. Sending you a big hug from the Pacific Northwest!

  3. Your projects are always exciting to see. I always try some of your projects and crafts in my home and I'm always surprise how easy it is.

    stone coaster


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