Aug 17, 2010

One last summer hoopla!

We just returned from one last summer family trip and it was a blast! 
We went to see my dear friend Susan and her awesome husband Gerald.
They live in Palm Harbor, Florida at the Innisbrook Resort
Our kids truly adore them!
After church with Mr. Gerald...they think he is super funny!
You may remember I flew to Kentucky to their wonderful wedding earlier this year.
Morning snapshot during my walk near the golf course...
It was a win-win for everyone...
Gerald runs the Transitions Championship there and you can be assured, 
Walker was quite envious of his job, his office and his connections and relationships 
with so many cool PGA golfers. We loved hearing his stories and hearing the inside scoop!
The tournament is played on this course...the Copperhead course 
and Walker and David played this and a few others as well but the Copperhead was his favorite!
Susan and I got to go here for a while was fabulous!
The other three kids attended a camp at the resort which they loved. 
They participated in racquetball, mini golf, playground fun, inside camp area, 
and swimming at the Loch Ness pool shown below 
which had a beach leading into the pool and water slides around the back. 
Fast, fun slides...I tried them both!
Breakfasts were amazing and nothing like what they get at home on a regular basis... 
especially in a few days when school begins. 
William posing on the fun petal carts...
and on our way home we stopped by for a quick tour of the 
David and Walker toured the inside while we played an 18 hole putting course, 
then we grabbed lunch and headed home.
Cannot believe I never got one picture of Walker and David 
but they were either playing golf or were behind the camera sorry guys!
Home sweet home now and the reality of school and fall commitments are quickly settling in. 
There is a buzz and excitement in the air and yet I am trying to relish 
these last few days of summer with them at home.
With gratitude for many miles of safe travel and a wonderful summer,
 I am smiling at how many memories we have created 
and how many things we have done on the 
How about you? 
Are you ready for he buzz of the fall or wishing it was June all over again?


  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation!!! Love the photos....thanks for sharing! thankful for safe travels and happy times! Here's to a great school year!! xoxo

  2. Was so much fun!
    Great place for families...especially for families who love golf!


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