Aug 22, 2010

Modern Day Good Samaritan

Recently I was headed to a good friend's house to deliver some popsicles 
because her son had just had his tonsils removed. 
I called her cell to let her know I was on the way. 
A man answered..."Hi, this is Chuck," he said. 
"Chuck? I am a friend of Tracy's, who are you?"
"I am a UPS driver and I found this cell phone in the middle of the intersection. 
I grabbed it before a car ran over it and it's safe and good as new. 
I have already called one of her last dialed numbers, talked to her neighbor, 
and I have her address and I'll be delivering her cell phone after I finish my route." 
WOW! I told Chuck that was great news and imagined my friend 
searching and back tracking her walk to find her phone. 
I asked Chuck where he was and he was only a few blocks away, 
so I told him I would be happy to come meet him and deliver the phone 
since I was headed there anyway. 
I described my car and myself and as I drove to meet my new friend Chuck, 
we approached each other with a friendly hello and he handed me the phone. 
I thanked him for being the Good Samaritan and asked if this has happened before. 
Apparently, this happens quite a lot...
He said he has been a UPS driver for a little over 29 years. He said he finds 1 to 2 phones each month.
 He has even found home phones and has driven around until he can get a signal and can return those...
talk about going the extra mile...literally! 
Recently, he found a pocketbook full of credit cards and cash 
and he said he hates to think of someone having to cancel and get all new cards, 
so he makes every effort to return them to the rightful owners. 
He hopes that someone would do the same for him. 
My friend even wrote an article about the situation and he happened to read it in the paper. 
(click here to read it) Chuck and I have been in touch since then, 
and I asked if I could feature him too,
 as a modern day Good Samaritan. 
So Chuck, thank you for using your job and your daily routine to bless others. 
You certainly have done that  and although your actions may seem small, they are not.
They speak loudly to us all as an example 
of how we can go out of our way each day
to help those in need, no matter the situation.

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  1. Caroline, what a fabulous story highlighting the Lord's desire for us to be. Thank you for sharing...


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