Aug 19, 2010

God is the BEST artist...

God is really the BEST artist, don't you think?

These colors and design just make me smile.
How about you?
My kids are the ones who often make me stop and notice the details and His goodness.
I am grateful for that and it seems I am not the only one.
I received the below recently from our pastor
and it really spoke to me as I hope it does for you....enjoy!

My four-year-old grandson Stevie and I were in the hammock recently watching the airplanes fly over.  
We were guessing which ones were big enough to fly overseas.  
The sun was setting.  The birds were singing.  It was a priceless moment. 

I have had the privilege to travel extensively, play some wonderful golf courses 
and dine with some very special people. 
Being in a hammock with my grandson at sunset, however, 
ranks among the top five experiences of my life.  
It really made me think. 

As a historical figure, Jesus Christ has been scrutinized for over two thousand years.  
We have poured over everything he said.  
But remember when he told us to be like children?  
When I was in that hammock, I got it.  
The simplicity, the innocence, the joy, the naiveté – 
they are all qualities of life that Christ would wish for us. 

Have you ever considered that we may be overshooting the runway, 
making our to-do list too complex, taking our agendas too seriously 
and missing the very essence of life?  
Sometimes it takes a four year-old in a hammock to bring you back to earth.  
Thanks for listening.

Notice the details today...and may they bring you great joy!
P.S. You are still thinking about the Teacher Bits and Mother Bits, right?
Keep the great suggestions coming!
Good ones so far!


  1. Check! Absolutely right. Now a little bit of an idea for your "bits": A quote I love- Love and patience work miracles. And one I got as a little miracle (I shall tell you the story when we talk again) I received a "note" from my mom via a book yesterday, just at the right time because God knew I was struggling with the tyranny of the clock again. The note said "Begin the day with prayer. There is enough time in a day to do everything God wants you to do." Either of those would be a wonderful note on your bits. And either one a blessing.


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