Aug 16, 2010

5 Loaves

When I was in Mt. Pleasant, SC recently I ate at a fabulous little spot called
5 Loaves.
It was wonderful, delicious, and charming all at the same time!
We met the owner and chef, Casey
whose wife and children had just eaten at our table before we arrived.
You know I just had to ask him about the name of the restaurant...
so here's a bit from that story... 
 The name Five loaves comes from one of the many miracles performed by Jesus in Matthew 14:12-21. I thought the name Five Loaves, was creative for not only is it rooted in my Christian faith but also it denoted sandwiches. Sandwiches tend to denote soup which was my culinary focus. I wanted Five Loaves to be a totally unique restaurant not just your usual sandwich soup place, but a gourmet eatery. All soups are completely made fresh daily using only fresh ingredients. All meats are roasted in house creating a completely fresh tasting sandwich. We even make our own Mozzarella! We daily make small batches of all our salad dressings to maintain freshness. All this enables me to express my creative side while providing me with a quality life. We have been fortunate enough to have wonderful devoted chefs that are professionally trained and share the Five Loaves vision, as well as a very talented and friendly staff.
Please go by and dine there if you happen to be in the Charleston area!
It's a delicious menu, and I am all about supporting other Christian business owners.


  1. fantastic. wonderful night! enjoyed having you come in, and meet you. Hope to see you real soon

  2. Caroline, this place looks and sounds awesome- thanks for sharing. Planning a trip to Charleston with a dear friend in Spring...we will definitely add to itinerary (I am sure she will agree).


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