Jul 14, 2010

a TINY bit of news!

I have a TINY bit of news...actually it's BIG news! 
I have been selected by TINY PRINTS to launch a huge collection of designs for their
We are reviewing Holiday 2010 now, which will launch in October. 
Here's a peek... 

all images ©Caroline Simas 2010
Yes, that means for all you sweet, patient folks 
who have asked for my art to appear in holiday photo card format for so long...
Now you will be able to upload your photos and not have to print them or tape them on the cards. 

all images ©Caroline Simas 2010
I am actually designing holiday, religious, baby, wedding and birthday 
invitations AND announcements. 
In addition to this will also be designing personalized greeting cards for Tiny Prints too. This is a huge project and is requiring a lot of work, but we think it's going to be a great partnership 
and make for great selling on-line paper products.

Let me know if you know about TINY PRINTS and what you think.
Also feel free to share ideas of what you are looking for 
when you shop for invitations, announcements and holiday cards. 
I hope you're a TINY bit excited!  
I am heading to Atlanta Market for a few days for meetings and showroom product launches 
so I will not be posting for a few days, but I promise to be back soon. 
I have even more news to share soon, I promise!
If you are planning to be in Atlanta, come see me from 12:00-2:00 on Friday. 
I will be meeting customers and signing autographs (hysterical to me!)
in the Manual showroom, Building 2 West Wing #697. 
They have asked me to chat with customers about the history of 
Grace Bits and GOD BLESS YOUs.  


  1. So proud of you, Caroline! Tiny Prints is so fortunate to have you on board!!! I LOVE the Christmas looks you shared....can't wait to see the whole line! Congratulations! Safe travels and a great trip to Hotlanta! Go Caroline, GO! xoxo

  2. Thank you! Atlanta was great and have more news on the way. A bit overwhelmed but excited!


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