Jul 21, 2010

Tervis time

I forgot that I had taken a few snaps with my iphone during market. 
Thank goodness, since I had the strange camera mishap 
and all the good pictures are missing....ughhh!
So here's a peek into the brand spanking new Tervis showroom. 
Wish you could have seen it! So bright and huge! 
And all the folks working for Tervis had bright colored Converse sneakers on...
some even had a different color on each foot. 
Quite eye catching, not to mention fun and comfortable!

It was fun to see my "Love the Earth" tumbler  front and center 
among the new arrivals...
right with Disney and other cute designs. 
I even had a brief meeting in their new conference room where my design 
was plastered on the display board with the other new arrival designs. 
They had just presented them to Bed Bath & Beyond 
so we should know in the next few weeks if they will carry it or not.
Keep your fingers crossed...it would be great!
FYI...I have a small handful left in the studio if you are local 
and want to swing by to purchase one.
If you are not here in Charlotte, you can certainly shop for it here
Let me know what you're drinking in your summer tumbler...
iced tea, water, lemonade, coffee, margarita, something else delicious?


  1. I am drinking out of mine right now! WATER! I love it! Your design is perfect on this tumbler, Caroline.

  2. Water is good for that sweet baby in your belly! So glad you are enjoying your Love the Earth tumbler!


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