Jul 7, 2010

Summer Reading!

Summer Reading...
how's it going at your house?
We have one who wants to read anything he can get his hands on, another who would rather do anything but read, and two who want to be read to as much as possible.
It's so important to keep up with summer reading, 
and I am not too picky about what my kids are reading as long as they read. 
William's teacher was a fabulous at encouraging the kids to read whatever interested them and she read so many great chapter books aloud to them as a class this school year.
At our house it's anything from Golf Digest magazine to the Alex Rider series;
from Kid's National Geographic to the Harry Potter Series;
from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Frog & Toad to the American Girl Doll books.

At our elementary school, the summer reading is our only fund-raiser! 
Yep, no wrapping paper sales, raffle tickets; just good ol' summer reading and the kids get family and friends to sponsor them based on how many hours they read. 
The money raised goes toward wonderful things for the school and classrooms. 
win-win, wouldn't you say?
Being a good student takes a lot of work 
and summer reading takes a good bit of this:
I need a bit of perseverance these days too!
Here's to summer reading...
let me know what you're doing to get the readers going at your house!
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  1. I am going to print the perseverance definition and put it on my refrigerator!! Reading all sorts of books over here...."Henry and Mudge" series....Heidi.....trying to read the beginning scholastic books series w/ our future reader....and I have a HEAP of books on my bedside table that I am attempting to read this summer....so much to read and so little time!!!
    Happy Day to you!


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