Jul 12, 2010

Summer List!

This summer we have had discussions galore about things each of us wants to do this summer. 
Much like your family probably, everyone has their own opinions and ideas to share.
We have not filled the poster board completely, 
so we keep adding things we want to do or see or experience.  
The kids have enjoyed checking off a few like this one...
What's on your summer list?


  1. Love the list! In my house, we are working on Earn Your Fun Charts. Both boys (4 1/2 & 6) have one for good behavior, they earn smiley faces each day, they are rewarded at the end of each week, then monthly with such things as: ice cream truck, Knights bball game, trip to pick out a small goody at Target, movie night, etc. I have been faced with the challenge of "not listening or helping Mommy", so this is working for us. It was recommended by a professional and I am thanking him for it each day. The boys even said they like earning their FUN. Maybe next summer we can create a colorful chart of things to do like the Simas family. :)


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