Jul 23, 2010

Watercolor Surprise

It's funny how this blogging things works. 
I never thought I would even read one, much less write one. 
But I love it, and this journal of sorts has provided me a place to call my own. 
A place to journal this crazy journey of art licensing, family life and faith. 
And all because of this I have met some amazing new friends from all over the world. There are well over 100 of you who subscribe and read it daily...Friends like Julie Hill
I have never seen her (except her blog photo), but we're friends because she's a friend 
of a friend (Kelley) who is also and artist and she found me through her blog.
It's the artist community too...we try to support one another 
because it's not always easy following this artistic passion. 
So anyway, here's how I met Julie and a story and painting to go with it...
 There a times when modern technology is truly a blessing.  Because of the internet and blogging I have recently made some fantastic acquaintances both inside and outside the artist arena. One new friend is Caroline Simas, she is a wonderful graphic designer (not really, rather a licensed artist, but thank you anyway) (My sweet graphic designer who works for me would agree, that is not my best skill set!) and writes a blog called "Designing for the Soul", it truly is a treat to see her inspirational products and hear her lovely stories. Anyway, one day while reading her blog, I came across this photo of two of her sweet children playing...and instantly "felt it".  She has kindly let me paint it.
Of course we have to purchase this painting. It was Mother's Day when we went here
It was a magical day. And thanks to Julie, we'll remember it forever.
Visit Julie's blog, Capturing Life with Brushstrokes, and say hello, won't you?
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Caroline..thanks so much for the lovely write up. It truly was a treat doing this painting. It's moments like these captured in your photo that I paint for. I can't wait to someday meet you and your lovely family in person one day. many blessings to you and yours.

  2. Caroline, so glad that you & Julie connected. You're both lovely people who share the artistic passion and faith. Lovely painting.


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