Jul 22, 2010

A heart for Honduras

My sweet dad has a heart for mission work and that's only one of the many reasons I love him.
I also love this amazing handmade cross he brought back to me from Honduras.
Isn't it gorgeous?
And he brought our girls these woven dolls made by the children there...amazing!
A blonde for Sarah Grace and a brunette for Charlotte! 
 And you will not believe this...
can you guess what materials Honduras children used to make this belt???
Yep, soda can tops and shoe string!!!!
Unbelievably resourceful!
Many of you have been kind enough to ask if Dad's back safely and wondered how it was...
I have only heard a few stories so far (can't wait to hear more) 
and have only seen a few pictures (they have well over 600!)
But I'll share a few pictures and an overview I begged Dad to send now
until I can sit with him and hear more.
So the following is a quick recap from him...
10 people went on this mission trip from Unity Presbyterian Church .. one youth, age 17.
Arranged by Heifer International and PCUS through our missionaries Gloria and Tim Wheeler
Visited Boys Home 50 boys of families in Tegucigalpa that can't take care of them. 
We support them and took a check for $3,000.
Boys gain skills in their wood working shop, bakery and on their farm.
Visited downtown Project Alternatives program for single women of the Market and their kids.  
Support group and education for both kids and mothers... 
Great program... both mothers and kids would be completely lost without this support.
Visited Heifer International to learn about their program to support the poor 
with cows for milk, bees for honey business, chickens for eggs and meat, goats etc. 
Did a seminar on how to help the people of poverty. 
Worked in a very remote community in the Western mountains for 5 days 
building houses with the people.  
They have been working to improve their conditions since 1982... 
good progress but very slow.  
People are committed, happy and love the Lord.  
They just want a chance and some support... 
not just money but the physical presence that confirms what they are doing is right.
Can you even imagine that people live in this house? They do.
kids like these...
Can you believe the Charlotte Jr. Soccer jersey?
So glad to see donated clothes from here.
These are the new concrete homes they made.
hungry animals...
hungry children...
 This little fella was Dad's favorite new friend. 
He has nothing and yet he is happy.
Look at the joy on his face.
He evidently wore this shirt a lot.
They called him Superman.
And I think he must be Superman to live like this in these conditions.
May God bless the people of Honduras and the poor all over the world.
My heart breaks when I see and hear this and I wasn't even there in person.
Thank you Dad, and to all those who went and showed the love of Christ
to the least of these.
Bless you!

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  1. J'ai parcouru votre blog et je reviendrai y faire un tour... Très jolies photos et tellement "vraies"...


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