Jul 18, 2010

Checking in and Snaggle Tooth!

Hi friends! Checking back in with you...
Atlanta market was amaaaaaazing AGAIN! 
I continue to marvel at how many folks want to license my art on their products 
and along with that I continue to be so very grateful for these opportunities.  
I traveled this time with my very talented friend, Jenny Jordan 
who is also doing some art licensing and has so much cute art to offer! 
We both had a very successful trip and have so much to do regarding follow up 
but we had a blast together! 
Pictures to come and details to follow, I promise!

In the meantime, my sweet in-laws are here and have had a grand time with the kids! 
They even traveled by plane here with local Rhode Island corn, 
which was David's favorite as a child. 
It was just the right thing to help Sarah Grace's very first tooth come out too 
the first night they were visiting.
Luckily, this was before I left for Atlanta 
so I didn't get to miss the event or the Tooth Fairy visit!
Don't you just love the matching freckles?


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  2. That spot is perfectly placed in the middle. What a priceless photos. Wow. Love that Sarah Grace!


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