Jul 30, 2010

The best beach game EVER!

We've had a full week of memory making here on Edisto Island.
Incredible family time with my parents, my sister and her boys.
My brother in law was here too but slept on the boat
because he is fishing in the Governor's Cup tournament.
What a fabulous week!
I can't show you all the pictures quite yet...only took 465 of them!
But in the meantime, I'll teach you the BEST beach game ever!
Hopefully some of you reading this are at the beach or headed there before summer's end. 
The game is called BEACH GOLF.
It's simple.
It's for ALL ages!
All you need for this fun game:
2 golf balls
1 shovel (or your hands)
and the beach 
Yep, that's it.
Find a spot on the harder packed sand.
Fun to do on a flat area or on a slope.
Dig two holes about 20-25 feet apart
and use the sand that you dig up to create a barrier behind the hole.
Make the holes closer together if the kids who are playing are younger. 
One player stands at their end with 2 golf balls (you can also play using 4 golf balls); 
other player stands on the other side by the other hole.
Player one throws/rolls one golf ball at a time and tries to make it in. (2 tries)
If a player makes it in the hole, he/she makes tally marks with their points in the sand 
to keep track of the score. Great math lesson!
Take turns rolling the balls and try to score.
The player to reach 11 first wins!
Kisses from the coast,
P.S. Lots to report with art licensing...the ball kept rolling with this even from the beach.
I continue to marvel at His goodness in providing me opportunities to use this artistic talent.
So much to share but I have to wait until contracts are signed.
Exciting news on the way!

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  1. The game seems fun! It is always a pleasure to spend time with your family.

    Best Beach Games


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