Jul 20, 2010

Atlanta recap

Well, the Atlanta market visit was wonderful. 
I was able to spend time with my cousin and his family 
and also some quality time with my sweet aunt! 
Always busy at market and meetings almost back to back, but such fun, especially this time... 
to be invited to meet and greet and sign autographs in a showroom 
where they were launching my designed products. 
It was surreal in a way, and although I have never been one who wants anyone's autograph, 
I understand why they do this. 
Customers really love having a connection to the artist. 
They like to know the story behind the product, 
where the idea came from to even create it in the first place. 
This of course provided a wonderful witnessing opportunity for me 
because it was God who gave me this idea several years ago 
when I was manufacturing Multiple Blessings greeting cards and gifts on my own. 
This time though, the product is even stronger, made with better quality,
and will be distributed near and far. 
This type of an event certainly drove sales. 
The buzz created a shopping frenzy 
and retailers were purchasing the displays for their stores 
which made everyone happy. 
I met store owners from all over and many had the idea to take the signed postcard 
and place it by the product displays for their customers to have the artist connection...
I had not thought of that!
And I had a camera mishap..all the pictures taken in Atlanta 
somehow disappeared from my camera and cannot be found...
so strange and have never had this happen, but they are gone!
The best shot I have was taken by Vickie 
and so here it is to give you a sense of what the showroom was like.
Manual had all of the tapestry products out front on a wrought iron bench 
(the bird throw, the bird pillow, and the faith, hope and love wall decor).
To my left on the table were all of the displays 
Lots of other very exciting licensing news in the works 
which I will share with you as soon as I am able!
Have a wonderful day!


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