May 23, 2010

More from NYC and Surtex!

More from NYC and Surtex...
are you ready?
Fasten your seat belts!
Sweet Bess Brown contacted me before the show. 
She found my company on the Surtex website and she's a South Carolina gal too. 
She's a junior and fiber arts major at SCAD in Savannah
Bess was one of four finalists in the DesignNext competition. They paid her way to NYC and she gained great exposure and knowledge of this crazy but wonderful industry. Bess is super talented, a Young Life leader, and is an incredibly sweet Christian girl wise beyond her years.
So blessed to have met her!
Kate and Pete Spain...
I was thrilled when I found out that my booth was next to Kate Spain
no not Kate Spade, Kate Spain...this Kate is the real deal. 
Her designs have been placed on beautiful products...
Crate and Barrel plates, Moda fabric, gift wrap, greeting cards and more. 
Manufacturers and press were lined up to meet with her and she could not have been nicer or more gracious. And to boot, her very sweet husband Pete, allowed me several quick restroom breaks. Keep an eye out for Kate's designs...they are gorgeous and on products in Target and stores worldwide.
Breanne and Jeremiah Simpson were making their debut at Surtex this year. 
They are the cutest couple living in Manhattan and are expecting their first baby! Yea!
You'll have to check out their website here...
great picture of them in NYC's winter wonderland.
BRE+JER's patterns are playful and creative and I am certain we'll see 
many of them on beautiful products in the near future!
Fabulous flowers on almost every street corner in the city...
couldn't pass up this shot.
One of my favorite dinner spots an voted one of NYC's best seafood spots.

At Aqua Grill, the walls open up and great sofas spill outdoors for appetizers and cocktails.
How many oysters can you choose from?
And loved their creative!

Annie and Sharyn
Pre-dinner celebration at a fabulous bar called Bemelmans, inside of the glamorous Carlyle Hotel.
Karen and Julie from Jack and Lulu, Kim from Asthetic Movement, Bess, Laura behind Sasha, owners of Charlotte's Paper Twist.
Here's the history of the incredible mural you see behind us:
The Carlyle was the city's premier luxury residential hotel and served as second home to socialites, politicians and movie stars when Ludwig Bemelmans was commissioned to paint large-scale murals in the hotel bar. The creator of the enormously popular Madeline children's book series as well as a successful artist working for The New Yorker, Vogue and Town and Country, Bemelmans transformed the bar with clever, whimsical scenes of Central Park (including picnicking rabbits). Instead of being paid for the art, Bemelmans exchanged his work for a year and a half of accommodations at The Carlyle for himself and his family.

So Chris and Scott, friends of Karen's, met up with us at a fabulous Italian eatery called Morandi
Scott, who works for the Hollywood Foreign Press was a few minutes late because he was interviewing Sarah Jessica Parker, who lives near this restaurant. We told him to bring her and we'd treat for cocktails and dinner but she went home instead; Bummer!
Last evening at WHYM before heading home. Dining with with Mark and Michelle, Christine, special friends of Sharyn's, and of course Annie was there too. She came along from Washington state with Sharyn to play in the city while we worked. that's more from the trip. Hope you enjoyed the ride. 
Told you I would try to make you feel as if you went with me!
Hey, if you're in Charlotte, pop on over Tuesday to my home...any time between 9am and 2pm.
We'll have fabulous dresses, skirts, and tunics from Lesley Evers and also great jewelry from S. Burke. I may also pull out a few licensed products I have designed if you're interested.
Oh, and I'll have delicious key lime bites out for munchies!


  1. Wow... So exciting!!! I love all of your pictures.
    Aqua Grille is one of our FAVORITE restaurants also. My sister and I go each year with my parents and always get the "tower". So Yummy!!!!
    I hope to see you Tuesday!

  2. Love your booth. It just sings with color and happiness. Looked like a great trip.

  3. Woohoo! I feel like I was almost right there with you... Oh... I actually WAS! What fun we had, what great opportunities for connecting in a million ways. I am already looking forward to next year. We rocked the city and next year can only be even better. But we're coming a day earlier! And now a happy bit of news... Since we came home Annie & I decided she needed a very part timey job as my occasional and much-trusted able assistant. I am GLOWING with joy!!! She started yesterday. Can you believe that?????

  4. It was great to meet you!!! You and your booth looked beautiful at the show. Thanks for sharing these photographs. Kate is amazing, I had a chance to meet her also, I have been a fan of her artwork. Good luck with all your follow up!!!


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