Apr 13, 2010

working on...

Working on Surtex preparations. 
So much to do...overwhelmed at times. 
But I am reminded and encouraged by family and friends 
that I have cheerful and inspirational art to offer, and lots of it.
So much new art and so many new collections to show....
I am giddy with excitement 
and pray that my unique style 
and passion for faith-based art will shine through.
BOOTH #455
The thrill of being back in NYC is just a few weeks away 
and Sharyn continues to be a blessing in helping me prepare. 


  1. You are a blessing, too! I can't wait to see what happens while we're there and beyond. We are using our God given talents and working hard, trusting Him for the results. So we can be free from worry and just go forward in joy! Hurrah, New York~ here we come!

  2. Thank you sweet Sharyn...we will have a blast. Enjoyed chatting yesterday and look forward to working diligently, having fun, and praying over it all.


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