Apr 27, 2010

A girl has got to travel in style, right?

So excited to have found this great rolling briefcase 
for my upcoming NYC trip. 
It will be great as my carry-on 
for going to and from Surtex each day. 
Cute, don't you think?
I even contacted the manufacturer 
"just in case" (no pun intended!)
to let them know 
I have many colorful patterns 
which would work just great 
on these rolling beauties!
It has so much room inside...
it will be perfect for this trip 
and for many more to come.
If you travel and want to travel in extra style 
check this out!
Not bad...67% off
(would never have paid the original price!)
and free shipping!
Any travel tips 
or luggage finds
you'd like to share?


  1. You're STYLIN', girlfriend! Sooooo cute! We are going to be enjoying it to the max. I got set to start packing last night only to realize that for all my adorable vintage suitcases, aw, shoot, I do not have a single "normal" one I can take along. Our regular suitcase bit the dust on the way home from Barcelona. So it's off to shop for a big fella to haul along. Get the cameras ready for the Girlfriends Adventure... we are going to have a squealing good reunion in the Newark Airport! Two weeks and counting... pliers, scissors, exacto, masking tape, tablecloths... oh, AND ART!!!!

  2. Yeeha! Getting ready...so much still to do but know it will get done (it has to!) and we'll have a ball! Can't wait to document our before and after booths.
    Talk soon!


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