Apr 11, 2010

It was Magical!

Hi friends! Please forgive the long delay without postings...(although I pre-wrote 6 entries to be automatically sent while I was away and obviously they never sent.) Bummer...will have to check into that.
IT WAS MAGICAL! We just returned from our 7 night Western Caribbean Disney Cruise. So much to share, I do not even know where to begin. It was a mixture of amazing family time with Nan and Papa Joe, with and without the children, some individual time with each of the children, alone time with my husband, and alone time by myself. Ahhhh... The views were amazing and our excursions, unforgettable.
We took over 600 pictures but here are a few of my favorites (so hard to choose). If you're really interested or bored you can hop on over to my Flickr group HERE to see the many hundreds we captured.
happy girl on vacation
with Pluto on Castaway Cay (Disney's private island)
Minnie wanted to join in with a ballet twirl...
on the catamaran heading to snorkel in Cozumel, Mexico...
nice spot to relax on Cozumel...
Would this work in our back yard?

colorful hammocks...
Easter in Key West...
giant Rainbow flip flop 
near a store front in Key West...
our silly fisherman, William
the Grand Cayman pirate encounter excursion 
we took with just the boys 
we all, yes... all, even mommy, 
jumped off the lower plank and off the upper level rail of the ship!
I figured I needed to be brave. 
It's not every day one has the opportunity 
to jump off a pirate ship and swim in the Caribbean.
William kayaked with Papa Joe...
kindred spirits!
creative towel and blanket folding by our cool stateroom server...
stingray on the left, turkey on the right stuffed with chocolates
We also had a monkey, a bunny, an elephant, and others.
Loved coming in at night to see the turned down beds 
and these creative creatures!
Walker especially loved the basketball on Deck 10...
also ping pong tables everywhere and shuffleboard too.
the adult only pool...
I loved this spot!
coconut tree on Grand Cayman
Could not believe that we met Guy Harvey 
in his gallery and shop on Grand Cayman!
And I had just been jumping off that pirate ship, 
so no make-up and wet from head to toe.
Crazy story, but before we left for the trip I was tying up loose ends with the Tervis design for the tumbler and for some reason popped over to Guy Harvey's website. His marine life art is on many, many Tervis products and he has been licensing with Tervis for several years. I read on his about us page that he lives on Grand Cayman with his family. I actually sent an e-mail saying hello and telling him that we would be visiting Grand Cayman the next week and telling him I am thrilled to now design for Tervis too. Had no idea where the shop was on the island and never thought we would even be going there. It just wasn't on the agenda. When we finished the pirate excursion we headed to the island to grab some lunch. Walker was wearing his Guy Harvey t-shirt and saw a sign that said Guy Harvey shop this way. It was only a block or two away so we headed over to buy a shirt for William for being brave and jumping off the pirate ship. (I was the brave one!)
The shop was beautiful and we began chatting with the cashier who heard me say, "I am so excited to be here and see his products." She told us Guy was upstairs in his gallery painting and to go on up and meet him and he'd sign anything we planned to purchase. The boys were thrilled and so was I. And to boot, after we introduced ourselves, he said, "I got your e-mail!" We chatted about Tervis, his painting he was working on while we were there (you can see on the easel in the background), his growing up years, and his passion for marine conservation. It was a thrill and he could not have been nicer. If you want to see more about Guy, click here. He's quite an amazing fella.
Sarah Grace as a pirate!
Charlotte as a pirate!
and William as a pirate! 
They have Pirate Night on the cruise 
and everyone dresses up as pirates of the caribbean! 
It's hilarious!
The kid's club painted the kid's faces.
amazing meals...
desserts were unbelievable! 
My waist can assure you that I am correct about this!
David and I toured the kitchen 
and it is a stainless steel mega machine. 
It was meticulously clean and quite impressive.

Charlotte's hair braiding choice...
Sarah Grace's hair braiding choice...
It comes out tomorrow night!
one of my favorite shots on Castaway Cay...
the sky was as blue as a robin's egg
Walker and Nan embrace after wining 
the JACKPOT BINGO on the final day!
Yes, out of everyone on board, playing all week, 
these two lucky ducks 
walked in on the last day and won $5600!
They split the total 
and we are currently having discussions about 
wise spending choices, saving, and charity.
A total shock, unexpected win, and good lessons.
Beautiful Belle...
and of course Captain Mickey!
Soooooooo many more but that's a good overview!
I miss our sweet dinner servers Alicia and Alister and our stateroom keeper, Pe.
For some reason when I returned home my bed wasn't turned down with clean sheets and chocolates sticking out of a towel sting ray, and there happened to not be a 7 course dinner waiting to be served. But that's why they call it a vacation. And that it certainly was...no iphone or e-mail for 8 days straight. It's nice to disconnect from the world for a bit.
But no matter where we go, there's no place like home.
Even though I am on the 7th load of laundry...
Missed you all!


  1. C, wow .. thank you for sharing your magical vacation with us. I am not sure what I love the best, the pirates, sunset, GUY Harvey!!! It was meant to be, that you met Guy Harvey and got to see where he creates his art. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Glad you are home safely ... back to reality and your Multiple Blessings. Love you! xo

  2. What a wonderful vacation! Lots of happy memories. Each & every photo is stellar. So glad you had a good rest. And New York on the horizon...

  3. It was a wonderful trip!...yes, NY preparations under way!


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