Mar 21, 2010

new view

We have a new camera lens and it is fabulous! 
And just in time for our beautiful weekend. 
Friday, the girls and I took a long walk around the yard 
and I practiced using my new toy.
Take a look the the beauty we found in just a few short minutes.

Amazing, right? 
Working on a new collection called FULL BLOOM 
so our Friday walk was perfect timing 
for that burst of spring inspiration and color. 
How cool that our awesome and almighty creator 
leaves this for us each day right outside our doors?
Ok, now these are not from our yard, but are beautiful too. 
They were from my husband to celebrate 
an exciting licensing contract 
that was signed, sealed, and delivered on Friday 
which I will be posting about soon. 
Very exciting news...
Have a beautiful start to your week!


  1. Okay, Caroline ... you know I love this! And, appreciate your post. Beautiful photos! It's Spring! :)

  2. You're the REAL photographer...I just love to play with it and search for inspiration. What camera do you use?


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