Mar 25, 2010

Multiplying time...

image copyright Caroline Simas©
The above is a design which has been selected to be used on spiral notebooks, pocket folders and a selection of decorative school related products. Still waiting to have final word about when and where this will be used, but the idea is a calculator and cool looking numbers. I love the various art elements showing through, do you? Would your student like this if they saw it in Target or Walmart when shopping for school supplies next fall?
Have been thinking about numbers a lot lately and specifically multiplication because we are having timed quizzes for my 3rd grader on the dry erase board at home. He actually likes the challenge which is great and it makes it fun to use the big board and marker. With the younger ones we use a large cookie sheet lined with foil and spread chocolate pudding all over it and if they wrote the number or letter I called out correctly then they could like their finger and try another letter or number. It works and it's fun. We haven't done that in a while so maybe we'll do that soon. We've used shaving cream too but of course the pudding was a more popular choice!
If you're like me, and most of you're juggling a lot on your plate. It may not be art deadlines and motherhood but it's stuff. Most everything I do and am involved with, I love, so it's hard for me to say no (although I have gotten better at this over the years). It's about prioritizing things and making the most of each day. We all have 24 hours in a day, so how are we using that time? Sometimes I look back on my "to do lists" and think..."Were all of those things reeeeally necessary?" Some days I feel like I make the most of my time and use my time wisely, other days I know I completely fail. I have been praying too for the Lord to multiply my time. And He does. Snippets of time pop open when I am open
to His goodness. And remember when I posted about multiplying love for our children? I obviously love the word "multiple" you know the reason/story behind the name Multiple Blessings?
I read about a little church song called Multiply...about the little boy who shared his lunch and the chorus  went like this:
“To sum it all up, you simply divide. Watch your fish and bread just multiply. Add a little faith, subtract all your doubt, just watch it all work out. You’ve got to give it away, pass it around, and turn your basket upside down. I can tell by your smile and the twinkle in your eye. The Master has taught you how to multiply.”
Love it!
I wish you multiple blessings today and that your time may be multiplied as well!

P.S. Thanks for all of the input for the wraps...we have made some changes and I will be showing you the final one soon!


  1. Love the notebook design! You are amazing!!!! Stella

  2. I love the notebook, Caroline!!! So cute. Much love, Katie


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