Mar 23, 2010

Leap of Faith...Surtex!

I have been encouraged and have decided to take the leap of faith and exhibit in at Surtex in NYC in May. God is so good and I feel like He wants me there. I think He wants me to meet with and challenge manufacturers about being bold and placing scripture and inspirational text on their products. It's happening and I could not be happier about using my talent this way. So many things happened and fell into place (good booth # opened up, childcare taken care of (thank you Mom and Dad!), husband's support (Bless you sweet heart!), etc.) it all feels right to go, well, except for my nerves and the money (ouch, it's so expensive!) And oh yeah, all the planning and preparation. (sigh...) But I KNOW He has it all in the palm of His hand and will guide me. And encouraging words like the following... sweet friend, Sarah, sent this to me last week...(thank you!!!)
Keep walking.  I know it has been hard, but you have done well.  Stop and take stock.  Look back over the times you have had a hard path on which to walk. Did not I get you through the narrow squeeze, to stay on the straight but narrow path?  I will get you through again.  The field before you is wide open.  The boundaries have been set but the space to accomplish all I have for you is large.  Let your creativity flow.  Let the ideas come. You already know the ideas that work come from Me, so you don't have to cross that hurdle. You have success coming and abounding.
Psalms 16:5-7  "The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.  I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night."  
Bev Robinson
Sharyn Sowell (do you remember her from here?) and I have become fast friends and she is my "sweet Christian art licensing mentor" (bless her heart...I did give her this title) and has encouraged me to exhibit and come room with her too. She has been a big blessing in walking me through Surtex exhibiting because it's different than NSS (National Stationery Show) which I have done before. Sharyn and I are so excited and have spent lots of time talking on the phone, e-mailing, planning and preparing. Most folks may see this meeting on a random bench in that high rise in Atlanta as total coincidence, but we both recognize it as God's complete plan. I love her recent words to me about that...
"Funny but He proves His love and care even in arranging where you sit and when and how you look over at someone in far-away Atlanta for a "chance" meeting that was divine appointment and not chance at all! How comforting to know that even in the tiny ways anyone else would call coincidence He prepares the way."
Amen sister! Can't wait to see how He will bless this adventure. I love that with all of Sharyn's success (and she has had LOTS of it!), she is extremely grounded, humble, and chooses to give God the glory. You'll have to read her blog to see how she gathers inspiration from all around her beautiful pacific west coast home.
Here is an overview photo of the Surtex show so you can get an idea. 
And here is more about what Surtex is all about...
SURTEX is a dynamic market, like no other, filled with the latest trend-on artwork, designers and licensors from around the world. Over 300 exhibitors selling and licensing the most diverse art & design, draw some 6,000 quality buyers and licensees - top decision-makers from manufacturers and retailers of all product categories.

It's an incredible business-building opportunity for anyone in the art & design world...from exciting exhibits and networking events, to an information-packed Conference Program, a new ReSource section and co-located shows.
And it's in New York City, where energy and creativity are never-ending!
I am finalizing art collections, categorizing portfolios, sketching booth design and working on pre-show marketing (the image above is one) so needless to say it has not been quiet around here. That does not include laundry, cooking or carpool, etc. of course, so it's been very on/off planning in bits and pieces. So that's some of the new happenings here in the studio and more to come...promise I'll share the contract news very soon! Check back, won't you? What projects are you working on?


  1. This is sure to be an amazing week, my friend. Enjoy your time away with the fam, as NYC will be just around the corner the moment you return. I know the Lord has His hand on us both. Good times ahead!

  2. Sounds so exciting...blessings in your journey!


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