Mar 30, 2010


CCM stands for Classic Children's Moments....
you knowwhen your child says something, 
does something, or points out something that is classic! 
It can be either so funny or so sweet 
you run to get paper and jot it down, 
or so embarrassing you want to run get a shovel, 
dig a deep hole, crawl in it and never come out.
We have CCM's a lot over here and unfortunately 
I have not a great job of journaling them all.
Here's a recent one...
In the grocery with just the girls 
and I am near the cheese & dairy section. 
We turn the corner and I hear Charlotte gasp...
ohhh Mommy...Can you believe it? 
They have CHOCOLATE EGGS here! 
How do they make chocolate eggs Mommy?
Then a conversation with William when he was five:
I was a part of this conversation along with our four children. 
Sarah Grace was crying and I thought she was injured from playing outside. 
Sarah Grace: crying but no sign of injury
Me: "Sweetie, Are you ok?"
Sarah Grace: "No" (tears streaming)
Me: "What happened? Did you get hurt?"
Sarah Grace: "Only my feelings got hurt 
because William told me I cannot marry Walker." 
(more tears)
Me: I hug Sarah Grace and look at William 
and before I could even say a word...
William: "Well Mom, she can't marry Walker... 
they would have weird looking kids! 
It's the can't marry your family!"

P.S. We have had this same conversation 
and tears over not being able to marry Daddy.

Then this was one of my favorites:

William 5 years old said to me... 
"Mommy, GUESS WHAT?" 
Me: "What William?"
William "When I get to be a Daddy, 
guess how many kids I'm gonna have?"
Me: "How many, William?"
William: "4...just... like you and GUESS WHAT ELSE?"
Me: "What William?"
William: "MY four kids can play with YOUR four kids...
won't that be fun?
Me: Tears of joy and sadness 
because comments like this won't last forever!

Then there was the time Walker spotted this license plate
...we "belly laughed" in the parking lot!

Then when Walker was a toddler 
(only one child then...what was that like???)
My sweet toddler was in a store shopping cart 
and we're waiting in line to check out 
and he squeals "Look mama, Clown! Clown!" 
And yes, standing right next to us 
was a woman who had on so much make-up it was unreal. 
I wanted to crawl in that hole I mentioned earlier. ughh!

Tell me your funny, embarrassing or most treasured CCMs? 
I know you have some! Share, share!


  1. The first CCM that came to mind is this...
    When our son Jacob was about 5 yrs old he was throwing a ball of socks straight up into the air. We asked what he was doing and his reply was this, "I am playing baseball with Jesus!".
    I will never forget that one. And yes, I too recommend that we all write these down because in the midst of the teenage years we will need to look back on these cute moments to remind ourselves that our teenage children once were sweet :)

  2. wonderful! know you folks out there have more CCM material....share, share!

  3. So precious...I keep trying to write all my children's sayings down, or at this point, recalling them. My second (of six) turns 24 today and I was re-living all his precious sayings through the years. The one I still laugh about is the song he made up, at age 3, called "the feeding things" can imagine what those were since I had a newborn. LOL


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