Feb 15, 2010


they can bring so much joy, laughter and happiness.
They can bring sadness, hurt and pain.
Isn't it amazing that tiny little letters all smashed together can bring so much good and bad?
I tell my children often and also must remind myself to choose words carefully
because they can be all of those things mentioned above and more.
My husband knows that my love language is "Words of Affirmation." So for Valentine's this year I received the BEST gift ever! Just look at this huge glass container filled with fabulous words of affirmation from my husband, not to mention the words are resting on a pile of my favorite dark chocolate with almonds. Tons of words...funny and sweet...some to make me laugh, some to make me smile, and some to make me cry joy tears.

You see, although I love flowers, diamonds, quality time, acts of service, etc.,
(don't we all?)
this is how I feel loved the most...from his words.
This is not his love language, so I have to make sure I love my man with his love language.
This is helpful info when loving your kids too!
How about you? What feeds your soul? What's your love language?
If you have not read Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend reading it.
We read this many years ago and it is something we reference often. He even has a great blog and recently mentioned choosing our words wisely.
And remember the post THINK before you speak???
It's boldly posted in our kitchen right above the daily chore lists.
I need to see this every day.
Psalm 19:4
"May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight,
O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."

The kids and I gave David 4 individual silhouettes. So thrilled with these. And the kids loved watching Tim Arnold in action. He's been doing this for years and was in Charlotte so we jumped on the opportunity to have them made. Know we'll treasure them for years.

More snow this weekend so I was able to capture more winter wonder
just outside the front door.

I stepped out onto the front porch Friday night and shot this
looking into the snowy sky through the branches .
Amazing, simply amazing.
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend
full of your love language.

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