Feb 10, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

Since we've been tucked away inside for winter and with illness we have been able to do some Valentine crafts to keep our minds off of medicine and yucky stuff. My oldest is too old and too cool for Valentine's this year. My 9 year old wanted to do the Fun Dip Valentine's since they do not seem to have Star Wars Valentine's anywhere we shopped. Let me know if I am missing this somewhere!
But the twins wanted to make their own. Of course it costs more to do it this way and takes much longer but they had a blast and it was also good writing practice and fine motor skills practice at the same time. Michael's Craft store had packs of pre-cut white hearts with envelopes and they used these to make their own cards for friends.
Then we made each child in their class a Valentine Heart Shaped Lollipop Flower and a Heart Magnet. Feel free to copy these ideas...I do not own them and frankly I saw them both somewhere but can't remember who to credit. Make them your own and make them cute.
Valentine Letter Magnets:

you'll need
some magazines you don't mind getting cut into pieces
packages of unfinished wooden hearts (Michael's Craft Store)
spray paint (we did hot pink for the girls and blue for the boys)
glue sticks

#1 I did the spray painting. When they are dry...

Have the list of names from your child's class ready and handy. Talk about the first letters of the names. We also made a list of how many As, how many Ts, etc to make it easier. They were in charge of crossing out the name when they had a name completed.

They decided what to cut and how to cut...
only rule was that it had to fit on the heart.
Then use glue sticks to glue the letter down.
We did not feel the need for additional Mod Podge or sealer but that could probably be added for a glossier finish.

Then add heavy magnetic backing...this is the peel and stick kind.

Aren't they cute?

Now for...
Valentine Heart Shaped Lollipop Flowers:
You'll need a bag of heart shaped lollipops
Solid green scrapbook paper for the leaf petals
Various decorative scrapbook papers
Pencil for tracing half hearts
Hot glue gun
Trace half hearts on the different scrapbook papers and let the kids cut them out...
Unfold and hot glue the pre-wrapped lollipop onto the heart background.
Obviously the kids can do most of this but NOT the hot glue!
Cut folded leaf petals for the stem of the lollipop/flower and hot glue them on as well.

Voila! A happy but sick child thrilled to have made her own Valentine treats for her friends.

Lots of cutting but lots of fun and a cute result! Enjoy!
Happy crafting!

P.S. Thanks to ALL of you who have called and e-mailed about Sarah Grace. We saw the doctor today and surgery is scheduled for March 5th. We love the doctor and feel very good about the decision even though I will be a wreck that day, I am sure.
P.S.S. William was hit in the head today with an iron gate when playing with friends and had a huge "goose egg" on his forehead. He is fine too after a few hours of ice...
Whew, what a day! The wild ride four children; still wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. Oh my gosh, Caroline.....they turned out SO cute!! Your blogs/e-mails brighten my day.......Thank you! Katie

  2. Thanks Katie! So glad you like the Valentine's crafts and the blog!

  3. Mod Podge Amy, thanks too for your comment! Wow...love what you have done on your blog and what great mod podge projects! makes me want to come over and have a craft session with you!

  4. Well, will you look at all of those sweet hearts, leaves and attached lollies! Yum! What a special idea and I'll bet all of the children in the class were delighted with their special hand-made Valentines! :-)

    Caroline, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very, very kind comments!

    And yes, our mutual friend, Sharyn Sowell is a very special lady! :-) A dear soul.

    I hope you are having a nice Monday after Valentine's Day!

    Diane from Diane Knott's Musings

  5. Hi Diane! Thanks for your message too and for visiting Designing for the Soul!


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