Feb 10, 2010

Soup for the sick and for the soul...

Homemade (Kind-Of) Chicken Noodle Soup
You'll see the recipe at the end of the post...
So sorry for the blogging absence. I have missed you. Sweet Sarah Grace and I have been down and out with strep throat. Let me say that strep throat affects adults differently than children and the doctors prepared me for that, or at least they thought they did. I have had flu like symptoms to go right along with it...not fun. But poor Sarah Grace is now having her THIRD, yes, THIRD strep throat in 2 months...bless her sweet heart! This is when you want to switch and take the place of your child and endure her pain. She has enlarged tonsils even when she is well and we have noticed that it's even beginning to affect her speech. Luckily, we have been flooded with EENT recommendations and she'll be seen tomorrow about the possibility of future surgery. Of course I'd rather her not have to have surgery, but I also do not want her to be in constant pain, have trouble sleeping/breathing/eating, become immune to antibiotics, have speech issues, etc. We're just going to pray through this process.

Swallowing water, hot tea, and even coffee hurts so we agreed to make soup today because "mama" finally got out of bed after 2 full days of being hidden in it. Thought I'd share my easiest chicken noodle soup recipe since it's all I could bring myself to accomplish today. It's delicious and every single person in the house loves it. A great winter dinner and the kids had it tonight with a side of grilled cheese. Delish...
I tend to be quite detailed with my design work but not so much in the kitchen. I don't measure too much and don't usually follow recipes exactly, just ask my mother and my sister, the caterer.
Enjoy and let me know your favorites soup recipes sometime. Also posted this recipe in a new collection called Yummy Stuff! on my Flickr photostream. Check it out here! I'll be posting more yumminess there soon.
Homemade (Kind-Of) Chicken Noodle Soup
1 large package of wide egg noodles
1 rotisserie chicken (cooked and warm-easy to pull meat off the bones)
3/4 cup give or take shredded carrots (already packaged this way in the grocery!)
1-2 T McCormick's Chicken Base
lots of water (10-12 cups maybe)
salt and pepper to taste
Boil lots of water in a large stock pan. Cook noodles until done.

Add 1-2 T. chicken base...this is the key ingredient! Don't skip it! Can add it before cooking noodles or after.

Pull rotisserie chicken off the bone and shred it in your hands while warm and drop it into the soup.
Stir in chicken an add shredded carrots and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer on med to high for 10 minutes and serve to your hungry family!

Tastes extra yummy with some shredded parmesan on top.


  1. Glad to hear you are up again! Hate that you have both felt so badly!! You know Elliott had such large tonsils and a "throaty" voice, esp during year 2 and he had his out just at age 3- he did great!! Chap has large ones too but it doesn't affect anything so they have not recommended their removal. Douglas and I both had ours out (age 2 and 4) and so we were very supportive and understanding of Elliott's surgery. None of us have ever been a sickly bunch, thank goodness, and we credit the removal of our tonsils for a lot of it. Drs say that they harbor infections and bacteria that cause infections, so if SG has them out, it may be a blessing. Keep us posted...... Love you! A

  2. Thanks sis! We are so thrilled to have found this doctor and feel very good about the surgery. I know it will make a huge difference for Sarah Grace. She'll have to talk to Elliott for support!
    So glad you all have enjoyed your snow!


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