Jan 3, 2010

To market, to market! Again...

This Thursday I'll be heading to market in Atlanta. This is the big one...the Gift and Home Furnishings Market which draws folks from all over the globe. This weekend will be particularly exciting because I get to spend it with my sister and my mother. This weekend is an early birthday celebration for my sis and an opportunity for a mother-daughter weekend.
Not sure we've had that since our Italy trip in 2007. (photo above from our villa in Tuscany)
I will be working much of Friday and Saturday visiting the showrooms and meeting with the fine folks I am working with on licensing projects. Very excited to see the products we have been working on and celebrate the final results... also hoping for big orders from lots of retailers across the globe. The Happeez clips from Mayfair Lane should sell well. They are kind enough to allow me to sell these from the studio here and they should be up on the website very soon so keep checking that here. Tell your friends in other cities how they can order them from Multiple Blessings. They are so cute, work so well, and make a great gift for any time of the year. Purchase a few and tuck them into your gift closet.

Had no idea that Mayfair Lane would choose 2 of my 3 designs to be on the cover of their 2010 catalog...very honored and thrilled to be featured here. (upper right corner on the stainless steel refrigerator...the yellow bird clip and the LOVE)
Will also be back in the Peking Handicraft, Inc. showroom to see the 3 collections of inspirational linens. They too, are allowing me to sell these from the studio. They have sold super well and we still have them in stock so check them out here (click the shop page Licensed Products) to purchase any time. The Coastal Beauty collection makes a great gift for those with a beach home.
I have also designed a collection of inspirational jewelry, beverage napkins, tissues, pillows, ceramic plates, eco totes and so much more for another fabulous company. More details and pictures as I can share. Stay tuned! And stay warm! oooh, it's super cold here!


  1. Caroline! I love it all! I especially love the clips. Must get some of those. Also, love the new website. It looks great!

  2. Thanks Katie! Glad you love it all! The clips are great and they were just placed on the shop page of my website so tell your peeps who read your blog to pop on over and shop away! Happy New Year and blessings to you!


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