Feb 21, 2010

Our Father Who Does Art in Heaven

So we've been teaching our 5 year old girls The Lord's Prayer and it's amazing how quickly they learned it. Their little minds have been listening and soaking it all in each Sunday without us even knowing. We've had this book since the boys were younger and used it when we taught them. It's a beautiful book by Anne Wilson. Although our girls haven't missed too many of the words, it funny sometimes how children interpret the meaning and the wording.
Our father who does art in heaven....has come from some children and actually He does. Just look at the amazing sunsets, rain showers, rainbows and snow falls. Yep, He does art in heaven!

"Mommy, is this like when it rains bread like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs?"

Don't you just love these illustrations and color?
The other day I had the girls in Walmart. They were hanging off the sides of the grocery cart. Safe, right? Anyway, they were saying/screaming The Lord's Prayer. They were so excited that they had learned it. I was "shhhhushing" them and then it dawned on me. I am admonishing them and they are saying The Lord's Prayer. Why in the world am I telling them to stop. Great witnessing opportunity and they were so happy about knowing it. So off we went, shopping away and saying (very loudly The Lord's Prayer all the way through Walmart. We had many smiles along the way and hopefully it stirred a few hearts. Sometimes kids can be the best witnesses of God's goodness. They are rarely embarrassed to proclaim His love.
And wait until you hear this version of the Lord's Prayer.
May want to grab a few tissues!
Hope that kicks your week off to a great start!

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  1. This is funny to me. My three-year-old sings her heart out every time we go to Wal-Mart. It's usually Jingle Bells or Jesus Loves Me but lately she's learned Perfect People by Natalie Grant :) I just figure let her sing loud for Jesus in Wal-Mart while she will; maybe somebody will hear it that needs to, right?!


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