Jan 31, 2010

happy birthday sis!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister! She is the funniest person I know and brings joy to every situation. When we went to Italy a few summer's ago we saw these amazing lemon trees. Yes they were about the size of her head!
And look at her here imitating the ancient statue missing a hand. I told you she is funny.
And she's talented. She admits to poor handwriting and can't paint, but boy is she artistic with food! She owns her own catering company in Georgetown, S.C. called Puttin' on the Grits. She does not advertise...she doesn't have to. Her phone rings off the hook and she is booked with great events throughout the year. Southern, delicious, unique food you cannot find with another catering company. Obviously I am biased, but if you don't believe me check out just some of her incredible event photos here.
More importantly, she is a fabulous mom, wife, and friend to many.
Love you sis...Happy birthday!


  1. Thanks, sis!! Guess I am famous now since I have been honored on the Blog Of The Century by my hard-working, talented and equally as funny sis! Thanks for an incredible trip to Atlanta (ie- time for me to shop like a crack addict and pretend my otherwise responsible life doesn't exist, including wine and expensive gourmet food and a driver everywhere we went, no less. Such is life.) Love you bunches and can't wait for another girls time with you and mom! A

  2. Ha! Our time in Atlanta was a treasure...we MUST repeat that next January...a birthday tradition was born I do believe! Love you bunches too!


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