Jan 28, 2010

Calm in the Chaos

Have you ever been in a chaotic place or situation and notice someone or something exhibiting calmness in the situation? It happened to me recently during my Atlanta market visit.
I was rushing in and out of the three high rises, up and down elevators and escalators, crossing through overpass walkways and hurrying with the rest of the world to showrooms and meetings. My feet hurt (because you know I just HAD to wear cute shoes! I realized I had 10 minutes before my next meeting and it was one I had been the most excited about. I wanted to find a place to sit and rest, a place to gather my thoughts, pray and have a mint to freshen my breath. I wanted to review my portfolio, to read up on the company, and to just sit and take a breath in the middle of the chaos. Then I saw it...one bench, not completely open but with a
spot for me.

One woman was sitting there and can you believe this??? ...she was crocheting something beautiful with colorful yarn. She looked so peaceful...so calm in the middle of the chaos. A pretty lady with a sweet spirit even though we had not yet spoken. I wasn't planning to make conversation because I had my resting, reviewing plan in place, ya' know. But curiosity got the best of me as I wondered what in the world she was doing crocheting in the middle of market? Was she a buyer taking a break?, was she a sales rep?, and agent?, a showroom employee? So I finally asked and sweet Sharyn answered....a licensed artist taking a rest before her next meeting. Me too! Me too! Me too, I thought and eventually shared. Yet again, another divine meeting God allowed me to have during my visit. Sharyn is a well accomplished artist with multiple talents and gifts. She has licensed her art and creations to over 40 manufacturers. She picked up the scissors to entertain her young children many years ago and developed a passion for cutting the most intricate paper patterns.
You will have to visit her website and blog to learn more about Sharyn. She's just lovely!

You can see how her art has been translated beautifully into ceramic plates and ornaments for in the Demdaco showroom.
We have connected by e-mail several times since our meeting and once again, I feel honored to call Sharyn a friend. She has already shared wisdom, advice and encouragement about this wild industry. How fortunate am I to have met her? But beyond all of this, it is her calm spirit which I remember the most. Everyone rushing in those buildings at market, including myself, need to take a lesson from Sharyn. She reminds me, as does the following scripture, that we can be calm in the midst of chaos.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
Have a restful Friday and be calm in the midst of your chaos.
P.S. All of the beautiful photos from this post are from Sharyn's blog and website...enjoy!


  1. Caroline, I am BLUSHING. Such compliments are way too much for me. But you are so right, it was a divine appointment. Thank you, my new friend, for the kind words. (blush)


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