Sep 30, 2009

Is it already October?

Is it already October? I just cannot believe it, but it's here. I have been in complete denial that summer is really over and that the kids are back in school and that the pool really is closed until next May. Working on some new designs for a company (will announce this news soon) for 2011...yes 2011. Seems far away but it's not. These manufacturers plan that far out, therefore we, the artists and designers have to design that far ahead. It's fun though, and so it doesn't seem like work. It's a different way of thinking when you're helping companies choose color palettes for products they want to sell bazillions of to their customers. No pressure...ha!Planning color groupings for various products and trying to plan well so colors and patterns can easily be changed to be formatted for various products for several companies and not just for one. Sketching new designs and creating new collections. I am keeping my sketchbook in the car with me and have been known to sketch ideas lately at stop lights. Never know when the ideas will flow, so one has to be prepared. Also about to give the website a big facelift so that should be coming out in the nest several weeks. Is anyone else out there in denial that it's already October?

Sep 27, 2009

I saw God at the Farmer's Market!

I am a total sucker for color groupings like this. Just makes me want to paint every shade I see.

Ok, be prepared for a long post here...I just cannot help myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to pop over to the local Farmer's Market whenever possible, especially this time of year.

Nothing "bittersweet" about this time of year except for being tempted by this! Bought this bunch of bittersweet to place about the house and adore the colors.
Just look at these mums...Yummy Mummy!
Something about the beginning of fall when the pumpkins are out and fall colors start to make their appearance...Even though fall is not my #1 favorite season, the colors are my favorite. Not a big orange fan, but love to search for the diverse colors of the mums, bittersweet and the white and green variations of pumpkins and gourds.Just look at this amazing color. I am inspired every time I go here and could honestly stay all day to photograph.
Apples galore...Think they thought I was a reporter because I was snapping shots of everything I could find! See the whole farmer's market shoot here!
More color groupings of gorgeous produce!
These pretty things are called October beans...they almost look tie dyed up close.
Everywhere I looked I could not stop thinking of God's goodness and creative genius. Not surprising the Sunday School lesson assigned for me to teach 3rd graders today was on creation and God resting on the Sabbath. Something I struggle with like many, but oh was this a great reminder to bask in His goodness through daily happenings.
Fresh rain on the face of the pansy...Yes, I saw God at the Farmer's Market today. I am 100% certain. He's not hard to find other places too...where have you seen God these days? Look for Him this week!

Sep 26, 2009

Last Dragon Standing & Dedicated Golfer

Very proud of sweet William Friday night for winning Last Dragon Standing at his Martial Arts Tournament. Way to go William!

Very proud of Walker for his recent award for Most Dedicated Junior Golfer from this summer. Way to go Walker!
Keep up the good work boys...

Sep 23, 2009

Prince of Peace

Our daughters are at the stage where they are madly in love with their daddy. I love that and he loves it even more! They are even painting/drawing him with a crown on and of course they are wearing crowns in the pictures too.

See here's more...I am finding them everywhere! They are even tracing their own bodies in the driveway and adding the finishing touch of a crown.
One of our daughters asked recently if she could really be a princess when she grew up. Words I want to immediately jot in a journal and date and never forget that she asked. We chatted a bit and pulled out the book, Gigi, God's Little Princess. A great story of a little girl named Gigi whose parents teach her that she is already a princess...she is God's princess...a daughter of the King of all kings.

Haven't gotten this yet, but plan's the devotion book by Sheila Walsh...same author of God's Little Princess. This devotion features scriptures to memorize, beauty secrets for true inner beauty, stories about special ladies in the Bible, promises that God gave us, fun plays to act out, songs to sing, articles on manners, good behavior, and loving others. There is even a "Take a Bow" section where they can act out scenes from the Bible.
To all my lady friends out there and especially to their matter their age, remember we are all princesses in God's eyes and are daughters of a real King.
Isaiah 9:6
And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Sep 19, 2009

The Silly Squirrels!

So I agreed to coach our daughter's soccer team this fall. Figured I had to drive and be at all of the practices anyway and better do this now before they realize I have no idea what I am doing! They are, after all, only 5! Plus I was able to recruit many our girl's friends for the team!
But as the season was about to begin I panicked a bit and e-mailed last year's coach who was kind enough to send me a list of fun drills...bless him! Then I watched some soccer drills on YouTube...that helps too!

Anyway, the point is they are having fun and I am having a blast! Had our first practice Thursday and our first game today. The girls came up with our team name... The Silly Squirrels since our uniforms are gray!

We won approximately 8 to 1 even though we do not keep score (the parents still do in their heads). Played 3 on 3 with no goalies...simple and fun. Our only objectives are to have fun and kick the ball in the correct direction!

Thank you Lord, for the privilege and opportunity to coach these sweet girls!

Sep 18, 2009

Tying up loose ends!

Pretty sure I had a pair of Converse high tops at some point during my early years. They are just so fun and cool... and now they are just plain cute on our 5 year olds.Converse now has these classics in great color waves...and we chose pink, although I love the green! They look great with shorts, skirts, jeans and even some of their dresses. NOT easy to put on and tie though!
Speaking of color waves and tying, I have been busy here in the studio tying up loose ends with a few contracts which I am very excited about. It will be great to get through the business part and get on to the designing part...the fun stuff!

Finalizing Pantone color for the hang tags which will appear on products created by most of these companies I am working with. Remember I shared how I am obsessed with color? Also brainstorming new designs and possible products. It's so much fun I can hardly stand it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 15, 2009

THINK before you speak!

Ok, before I post...the give-away is still open until Wednesday get back to it and leave some comments. Thank you for the kind words so far...some of you left them under other problem. I found them. Others of you e-mailed in comments...very nice. Will try and include all of you in the random drawing! Check back Thursday to see who won!

Alright...we've all heard it and most of us have rattled these words off to our own children:
"THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK." It is true and we are all guilty of not thinking before we speak. But this week on 91.9, I heard wonderful reasoning behind this quote. A caller shared how her grandmother said this often but the acronym is why she remembered this the most. I love this!
Before we speak, we should ask yourselves,
is it...?
And if it is not, we probably should not say what we are about to say.
Love that! And yes, I have just printed it out in bold for our kids to see and for me too!

Blessings on your day!

Sep 7, 2009

Grand Canyon Gratitude-How deep is your love?

My parents are amazing. For so many reasons but one is because when my sister and I each turned 16 they let us choose a trip (within reason I am sure). I chose NYC and that's another was amazing and I loved every minute of that with Mom and Dad. My sister, much more adventuresome than I (and my mother), chose the Grand Canyon, and so my dad was the one to take her. It was amazing and a wonderful opportunity for them to bond especially at that fun and awkward age of 16. Of course we both thought we knew everything then.

Fast forward...Friday, August 28th 2009, Dad and Aleene flew out to complete the 2nd leg of their trip with Oars through the Grand Canyon. My sister, in great shape but now 37 and has two young boys...Dad, now 66 and although he prepared with exercise and practices hikes...well the years add another dimension to the trip. They had an AMAZING TIME, and we cannot wait to see all 500+ of their photos.

But 6 days into their 10 day excursion, Dad slipped and fell and broke his left arm. The bonding which took place and their stories are incredible. Dad mentioned "so many angels along the way" including my sister who actually pulled a string from her shorts and found a stick to make a splint. My sister had to leave dad after getting him settled, run back 1.5 miles to get help, then 1.5 miles back to Dad, then walk with Dad another 1.5 to a place where the helicopter could finally land and airlift them out of the canyon.

So, 1 helicopter ride, 2 ambulance trips, a 2:30am hospital room arrival, many doctors and nurses, 1 surgery, 1 metal plate, 9 screws, 2 airline flight changes, and 1 safe trip home....WHEW!...cannot even imagine. Despite all of this, we are all beyond grateful and know it could have been something much worse.
Among the many blessings:
*it was a broken bone and not his head or eyes, etc.
*it was his left arm (he is right handed)
*my sister was with him! (she had been on a hike without him the day before!)
*there are only a few places where helicopters can land in the canyon and they were only 1.5-2 miles away!
*they had amazing aerial views and photographs from the helicopter they never would have had
* they let my sister get on the helicopter (at first they said NO)
*the surgeon in Flagstaff and the hospital was the best within a 3 state radius)
*my sister had time lots of waiting in the hospital and used it to journal while it was fresh on her mind
*easy flight change thanks to Mom and safe travel home
*long lunch today hearing it all and praising God
*and the bonding that occurred between them was...well....priceless!

NOW go and tell someone you love why you love them and do it today! Every day is a gift!
Let our love for one another be GRAND, and DEEP and WIDE...
as GRAND and as DEEP and as WIDE as the Grand Canyon.

Ephesians 3:17-19
"And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have the power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and how long and how deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Sep 3, 2009

3 ways to "Power Up" in the morning!

Staying up too late recently (my husband says so) trying to complete tons of school forms for the kids (know I am not alone...goodness, there are so many!), and working on a new art project for a good friend's 40th coming up this week. Here's a sneak peek and will post a picture when it is complete.
So when the alarm goes off at 6am to get kidos organized for the school day, I regret the late night, but suggest a few things that can help.
#1 hot cup of Starbucks in my favorite xoxo mug
#2 Proverbs 31 daily devotion (first thing I read every morning in my inbox) Always inspiring and just puts the day in perspective.
#3 Power Up is the new sports devotion book that I am reading with our boys before they head off to school. It is wonderful and you can order it here or here. The Sport's Spectrum magazine is great too!
Then of course there should be exercise and to help with he dark circles under the eyes, there is always this!
Have a restful and yet powerful day!

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