Jul 29, 2009

Creative Coops & Summer Craft Ideas

Ok...had to go back with my camera to snap shots of these creative coops (bird houses) which are located on the bike trail here on the island. Someone was quite clever either with decorating or purchasing these neat homes for our nesting friends. Love the church house and the shell house

Summer craft idea #1:
Head on over to Michael's craft store and purchased an unfinished bird house...cover with shells from your own beach trip! The kids will love this!
...and oh, look at this ringer!

These looked so pretty hanging from the Spanish moss covered trees on the bike trail...just had to share with you.
Summer craft idea #2:
Have the kids look for shells on the beach which already have a hole in them. (We easily found so many!) Use fishing line and let the kids string their own shell necklaces and bracelets.
More from the beach soon...

Jul 28, 2009

Beach Bliss

Beach bliss and wonderful family time on Edisto Island, SC this week. Building lots sandcastles, riding bikes, sunset cruises on the boat, feeding the seagulls, playing golf, fishing, crabbing, yummy seafood and more! So good to take a break and enjoy time with the kids and grandparents.

Beautiful sunsets from the upper deck make a magical close to each evening. The kids always say God paints a different picture every night, and boy does He!
Lots of sunny smiles from here...Hope it's sunny where you are!

Jul 13, 2009

To market, to market!

Just back from an amazing few days in Atlanta. I met with some great companies about licensing my designs for various products in the marketplace. Exciting things ahead and details soon. Had great dinners with friends in the industry and met so many wonderful people! Had dinner here one night and dinner here one night...loved them both and will be back!
Above photo is only one of three buildings at Americas Mart with 18 floors each...showrooms filled everything you can imagine...gifts, stationery, rugs, furniture, accessories, home decor, foods, etc. The amount of product is completely overwhelming, and I cannot imagine being a buyer!
It was also great to see my designs turned into embroidered linens for Peking Handicraft. They launched 14 of the 20 I designed for them and they turned out beautifully! They have designs with inspirational text on them. The showroom takes orders and ships to stores around the country. They will launch the rest in January 2010.
Hope that you had a great weekend!

Jul 7, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Forget the ice cream churn...make this easy homemade ice cream treat with your kids this summer! Here's the recipe! It's home made ice cream in a bag!
Hope that you have a yummy afternoon. Off to Atlanta market tomorrow morning for a few days for some art licensing meetings...wish me luck!

He knows me!

He knows me...he really knows me. And he should! 15 years of marriage was celebrated June 25th, 2009. Wow! David surprised me with this amazing oil painting by Andy Braitman. It is an Italian countryside field of mustard. So beautiful with lots of yellow. I am blessed beyond belief to be married to my best friend. We had dinner here. It was delicious but if you go, do not eat all day before you do because it is a lot of food! Delicious and quite an experience though!
I took oil lessons several years ago from Andy Braitman...loved every minute of it but I was not patient enough for oils...takes too long for the layers to dry! I am friends with a few local artists who are amazing with the oils. If you are in the market for a great piece of art...check out my neighbors, Libby and Anne. Another friend, Wendy is amazing too! So much talent in Charlotte! And that you sweet David...we will treasure the painting for years to come!

Jul 5, 2009

Red, White, and Boom!

Hope that you all had a wonderful 4th of July! How blessed we are to live in America where we have so many freedoms. I am grateful to God this weekend and always for those who have fought for our country and for those who have given their lives to protect America.
We spent some great family time at our golf club playing carnival games, jumping in the castle, swimming, riding ponies, and golfing. Late afternoon we headed to my parent's home for some rest, another great cookout, and fireworks over the lake. Then we headed back to the golf course for the fireworks show. Busy day but tons of fun! How was your 4th of July?

Jul 2, 2009

Art Appreciation

Did you ever take an Art Appreciation class? I have always appreciated art; a wide variety of it, but never as much until I had children. One of my favorite things in the world is the art produced by children. They paint and draw so freely and express themselves without a care in the world. They are not trying to sell it, impress anyone, or make it into an art gallery. They just create it because it's fun! We are so blessed to be a part of an elementary school here in Charlotte, NC where they have a strong art program. I am always amazed at what the kids come home with at the end of the school year. Here are a few of my recent favorites done by our kids... children's art

Jul 1, 2009

capturing magical moments...

Classic! It seems as though I have passed on my passion for art and design to Charlotte, one of our twin 5 year old girls. They both enjoy any type of art, but Charlotte seems almost obsessed with creating like me! Genetics are powerful! So the other night, David and I came home from a wonderful anniversary dinner (15 years by the way...wow!) and we checked on the children soon after getting the babysitter home. Charlotte had her drawings from the day tucked under her arm and was sleeping with her creations! I ran to get the camera knowing I HAD to capture this shot, which could likely be what we call "a rehearsal dinner photo!" A precious moment snapped with a click...one that we wanted to remember forever. There have been so many times I have wanted to capture moments like this but did not have the camera nearby. David and I both love photography even though neither of us have had true training in that area. He is great with the camera from being a father of four with tons of practice. I believe I have an advantage because I have an artist's perspective through the lens. Whatever the case, whether you are a beginner or a pro, a great camera is worth the investment! We have this and have added on another flash and a great telephoto lens, but it has been worth every penny! I use a program called Smilebox to create slideshows to share with family and friends. It is simple and easy to use. Here is a slideshow of some of our best camera shots using our Nikon D50. Enjoy and here's to capturing many magical moments!

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