Dec 16, 2009

They're here, they're here!

Had the best morning with my wonderful Bible Study gals for our Christmas brunch. Loved every minute of it and LOVE them all so much! Poured my cup of coffee there this morning and was chatting with the Kate when I noticed her fabulous stainless steel refrigerator with a clip on it. Not just any clip...a Mayfair Lane clip. You see, back in May, when I exhibited in NY and the National Stationery Show, I happened to be placed next to Sue, the owner of Mayfair Lane and brilliant mom/inventor of these Happeez clips. After days and days standing next to each others' booths exhibiting at a trade show you really get to know your neighbors. Sue and I ended the time together agreeing that she would like to license some of my designs for her Happeez clips. I was of course super thrilled and am even more thrilled to introduce the first collection I did for them called Hand-Painted Nature.
They are really pretty and include the popular birds I painted along with the LOVE with the "O" as the peace symbol. Even more exciting is the fact that sweet Sue is allowing me to sell them on my website! These will not even be available to retailers until January. Stores that order from Mayfair Lane which could likely carry these are Borders, Barnes Noble, Amazon, Sur La Table, and hundreds of gift shops across the US. Local customers, please remember to e-mail me your order so you can pick up and not have to pay shipping.
The set of three clips sells for $15 and makes a great socking stuffer. We use the clips every day here to hold weekly homework lists, class schedules, invitations, coupons, etc. Here is more about the product:
Happeez® are wonderful, simple items that utilize a material that grips
effectively and harmlessly where magnets do—and where magnets DON’T. This includes
stainless steel refrigerators, glass, mirrors, lucite, most wood paneling and vinyl. Unlike
a magnet, Happeez® products protect surfaces from scratching and marring and will not
leave a residue.
*They are not up on the website yet but will be as soon as we can get them set up.
To see more about Mayfair Lane click here. You will not see my designs there yet until 2010 but you can get them through Multiple Blessings. Very grateful and excited today I tell you...very!

P.S. Sweet Kim was interviewed by Fox News Rising this morning. Click here to watch the interview. She mentions Grace Bits and also you can see the inspirational guest towels in the background...Kim is featured after the "wild mouse"'ll have to watch. If you missed Merry market and want to attend TWELVE (the uptown holiday market) note the following times:
10-5 Thursday & Friday
10-3 Saturday (final day)


  1. Oh my goodness, Caroline, those are precious!!! You are SO talented!
    Also, sweet Kim was in the newspaper this morning! Page 2 in the "Style" section!

  2. Thanks Stella! They are cute but more impressive is that the product works! Makes me want to buy a fancy stainless steel refrigerator to go with the clips but don't think David will go for that suggestion!


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