Oct 6, 2009

Do you divide or multiply your love?

I love the above article and have it clearly posted in the studio where I refer to it often with a chuckle. And how precious that Bil Keane credits his sweet mamma for all of his success below the comic. I get similar questions a lot...How do you do all you do with four kids? I have several answers to questions like that.
*I have an amazing, supportive husband who does his fair share plus more around here. Bless you! Love you!
*I am a night owl and can be super productive when the house is quiet. Ahhh!
*I do 90% of my design work when the kids are in school or are asleep.
*I have a home studio so I can work in my pajamas. (love it!)
*"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

It is a challenge to "spread the love" among four children and a husband. I want them to all be loved by me every day. I don't want anyone to lose. But it happens...sometimes someone or something loses; one of the kids doesn't get my best and my full attention, my husband doesn't get quality time, family dinner can get lost, friendships, my health, lack of sleep, etc. I know I am not the only one out there struggling with trying to be a great wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, prayer group leader, Sunday School teacher, soccer coach, school volunteer, artist, taxi driver, chef, home manager, etc. Yikes...the roles we play! I just pray that I multiply rather than divide my love to all of these people in my life and even to those I have yet to meet. I say this often; to my kids but mostly to myself...Look for opportunities each day to bless others. There are so many out there just waiting to happen. Now let's go MULTIPLY our love today!


  1. Reading your blog again a few days late but I simply want to comment...If we work for the Lord he will take care of everything else that matters! Having a big family is such a blessing but is also hard work but knowing that if we keep our eyes on Jesus he will keep us in his arms. I love that!!!!


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