Sep 15, 2009

THINK before you speak!

Ok, before I post...the give-away is still open until Wednesday get back to it and leave some comments. Thank you for the kind words so far...some of you left them under other problem. I found them. Others of you e-mailed in comments...very nice. Will try and include all of you in the random drawing! Check back Thursday to see who won!

Alright...we've all heard it and most of us have rattled these words off to our own children:
"THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK." It is true and we are all guilty of not thinking before we speak. But this week on 91.9, I heard wonderful reasoning behind this quote. A caller shared how her grandmother said this often but the acronym is why she remembered this the most. I love this!
Before we speak, we should ask yourselves,
is it...?
And if it is not, we probably should not say what we are about to say.
Love that! And yes, I have just printed it out in bold for our kids to see and for me too!

Blessings on your day!


  1. Caroline,
    I love the Think before you speak. It is in big letters near my computer. I used it with some children this summer - it is terrific for all of us. Unfortunately, I don't always THINK before I speak.
    Thanks for your work. I am looking at my God Bless You's right now!

  2. Amen Kay! Unfortunately I do not always THINK before I speak either. I would have to say I printed this more for me than for the kids! I shared this with my Bible Study this morning too and we all agreed it is a great reminder to us all!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom on this blog! Each time I read it, I always leave feeling inspired and closer to God. Whether your posts are in pictures, scriptures, stories or thoughts I can always apply them in my life.
    <3 Anslee

  4. Caroline....
    Love reading....Aren't we all guilty of speaking without thinking.....I personally need to take the time to pray over my words quite often, before uttering them. Thanks for the words of wisdom and guide.
    Have a blessed day!


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