Sep 23, 2009

Prince of Peace

Our daughters are at the stage where they are madly in love with their daddy. I love that and he loves it even more! They are even painting/drawing him with a crown on and of course they are wearing crowns in the pictures too.

See here's more...I am finding them everywhere! They are even tracing their own bodies in the driveway and adding the finishing touch of a crown.
One of our daughters asked recently if she could really be a princess when she grew up. Words I want to immediately jot in a journal and date and never forget that she asked. We chatted a bit and pulled out the book, Gigi, God's Little Princess. A great story of a little girl named Gigi whose parents teach her that she is already a princess...she is God's princess...a daughter of the King of all kings.

Haven't gotten this yet, but plan's the devotion book by Sheila Walsh...same author of God's Little Princess. This devotion features scriptures to memorize, beauty secrets for true inner beauty, stories about special ladies in the Bible, promises that God gave us, fun plays to act out, songs to sing, articles on manners, good behavior, and loving others. There is even a "Take a Bow" section where they can act out scenes from the Bible.
To all my lady friends out there and especially to their matter their age, remember we are all princesses in God's eyes and are daughters of a real King.
Isaiah 9:6
And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


  1. Can't wait to get the Princess book for Greta. I bought Sheila Walshes Will, Gods Mighty Warrior and it is the most precious book. I love teaching my kiddos the glory of God and that he is in everything good.

    thanks for sharing again, Caroline.

  2. Great book for little girls everywhere!


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