Sep 27, 2009

I saw God at the Farmer's Market!

I am a total sucker for color groupings like this. Just makes me want to paint every shade I see.

Ok, be prepared for a long post here...I just cannot help myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to pop over to the local Farmer's Market whenever possible, especially this time of year.

Nothing "bittersweet" about this time of year except for being tempted by this! Bought this bunch of bittersweet to place about the house and adore the colors.
Just look at these mums...Yummy Mummy!
Something about the beginning of fall when the pumpkins are out and fall colors start to make their appearance...Even though fall is not my #1 favorite season, the colors are my favorite. Not a big orange fan, but love to search for the diverse colors of the mums, bittersweet and the white and green variations of pumpkins and gourds.Just look at this amazing color. I am inspired every time I go here and could honestly stay all day to photograph.
Apples galore...Think they thought I was a reporter because I was snapping shots of everything I could find! See the whole farmer's market shoot here!
More color groupings of gorgeous produce!
These pretty things are called October beans...they almost look tie dyed up close.
Everywhere I looked I could not stop thinking of God's goodness and creative genius. Not surprising the Sunday School lesson assigned for me to teach 3rd graders today was on creation and God resting on the Sabbath. Something I struggle with like many, but oh was this a great reminder to bask in His goodness through daily happenings.
Fresh rain on the face of the pansy...Yes, I saw God at the Farmer's Market today. I am 100% certain. He's not hard to find other places too...where have you seen God these days? Look for Him this week!


  1. Hi MK! Thanks for the comment. I had so much fun with this post and taking the photos. Hope that your sweet family is well!


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