Sep 3, 2009

3 ways to "Power Up" in the morning!

Staying up too late recently (my husband says so) trying to complete tons of school forms for the kids (know I am not alone...goodness, there are so many!), and working on a new art project for a good friend's 40th coming up this week. Here's a sneak peek and will post a picture when it is complete.
So when the alarm goes off at 6am to get kidos organized for the school day, I regret the late night, but suggest a few things that can help.
#1 hot cup of Starbucks in my favorite xoxo mug
#2 Proverbs 31 daily devotion (first thing I read every morning in my inbox) Always inspiring and just puts the day in perspective.
#3 Power Up is the new sports devotion book that I am reading with our boys before they head off to school. It is wonderful and you can order it here or here. The Sport's Spectrum magazine is great too!
Then of course there should be exercise and to help with he dark circles under the eyes, there is always this!
Have a restful and yet powerful day!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me! Your love for the Lord and your family is evident, profound and contagious! I look forward to all the other great stuff you can pass on from one busy mom of 4 to another. Love ya Caroline!

  2. Thank you Erica! Right back at ya! You are the! So blessed that God connected us in NYC!


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